Asian parents most likely to bring kids along when traveling

Of all traveler groups, South Koreans go on family trips the most. Source: Shutterstock

A NEW survey by online travel agency Expedia revealed that Asian parents are the most committed among any other travel group to bring their kids along on holiday.

Asians, along with travelers from Mexico and Southern Europe, were found to be the most likely to prioritize travel with family. Of all traveler groups, South Koreans initiate family trips the most, with 74 percent of teens getting away more than twice a year, along with 68 per cent of parents and 57 per cent of non-parents.

On top of that, Asian teens – particularly those from South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Hong Kong – are likely to view family holidays as a great way to bring siblings closer.

Most Thai and Malaysian teens surveyed said that their fondest memories were made on family vacations, while many Hong Kong and Japan teens disagreed.

Indian parents were found to be liberal with rules when traveling with kids. Source: Shutterstock

On the other hand, Asian parents across the board were enthusiastic about family vacation memories; this contrasted the sentiment of many European parents.

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Traveling with parents can oftentimes be stressful for kids and teens who may feel like they have to follow a strict set of rules as they do at home. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, it was found that parents were the least likely to give their kids extra leeway while on holiday, and are also the strictest with kids’ bedtimes.

But Indian, Thai, and Kiwi parents were found to be the most liberal with rules while on vacation., the company’s Thai wing, collaborated with NorthStar, a global strategic research firm to conduct the “Importance of Family Travel” survey of 17,000 respondents across 28 countries.