Foreigners who learn Taekwondo are more inclined to visit South Korea

The Korean army conducts a demonstration of Taekwondo at the Battle of Chuncheon Ceremonyin Chuncheon Station Square, Gangwon Province, on October 17, 2014. Source: Shutterstock

A RECENT poll revealed that foreigners have fond thoughts about South Korea after taking up local martial art Taekwondo.

In a recent survey by the World Taekwondo Peace Corps Foundation, 95 percent of the 1,750 foreign nationals learning the sport said they would like to visit South Korea some day.

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According to the national Yonhap News Agency, nearly half of the respondents also said they have “very good” feelings towards South Korea in general, and over 11 percent said their positive feelings towards the country have increased.

The survey polled participants from 19 countries who were learning the art, including Russia, Fiji, Cambodia, Sweden, Bangladesh, and Tanzania.

While the survey revealed a generally good vibe among foreigners towards South Korea, the number of tourists to the country was on the decline, Bloomberg reported.

In late August, the Korea Tourism Organization said the number of visitors plunged almost 41 percent in July from a year earlier. The tourism authority pointed out that this was the biggest decline since a deadly respiratory virus hit the country in 2015.

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Citing the geopolitical risk due to the nuclear bomb and intercontinental ballistics testing by neighboring North Korea, the organization said the number of visitors from Japan and Europe dropped along with the slump in Chinese tourism as Beijing protested the South’s deployment of a missile shield system.