Hotel Cappuccino: Tap into your playful side in Seoul

SEOUL is quickly climbing the ranks as one of Asia’s hippest cities, and is about ready to take on the world as an international metropolis for tourism. The South Korean capital is beloved among tourists for its inimitable style, vibrant food culture, and efficient infrastructure.

To truly experience the quirks and idiosyncrasies of a city as cool as Seoul, you absolutely must stay in a funky boutique hotel. That’s where Hotel Cappuccino comes in – playful in aesthetic but still functional for the millennial luxury traveler.

The hotel is smack in the middle of the trendy Gangnam district along Han River, put on the map by way of one viral hit song that took the world by storm. The area has been called the “Mayfair of Seoul” and is often seen as an affluent, high-rise district where upmarket shopping strips and boutiques abound.

One of the reasons Gangnam is so popular among tastemakers and influencers in Seoul is its ability to “want to be seen” there. And if you book into Hotel Cappuccino, you’ll feel your social status elevating, even if it’s your first time in Seoul. It’s no coincidence that the district is also home to some of the best nightclubs in the city; perfect if you want to suss out the city’s thumping nightlife scene.

Throw out the rulebook when you’re checked into Hotel Cappuccino – they like to do things a little differently here, and you’ll be expected to follow suit. It begins the moment you step into the lobby where an industrial theme takes over and vintage-inspired paraphernalia deck the walls.

Each Instagram-worthy room is compact, comfortable, and minimalist; where they lack in frills they make up for in top-quality mattresses, monochromatic hues, and an unfussy outlook. A bonus: Every room comes with eco-friendly bath products by STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!, free wireless internet, and international satellite TV.

We know it’s hard to leave your little pooch behind when going on holiday but the Bark Room – a stylish enclave for your furry friends – means you can bring your pets along. While you’re out and about the city, your little fluffball can rest on beds made of birch while they don customized pyjamas specifically designed for four-legged guests. Take it a step further with dental chews, pads, and room service menus curated for pets.

The hotel’s pet-friendly efforts and tolerance for pets has made it somewhat of a “lifestyle destination” for dogs in South Korea. If you’re celebrating your dog’s birthday or simply want to expose your precious pup to a bit of fresh air outside of the home, rest assured that both owners and pets will be treated like VIP throughout their stay.

The coolest cause to associate yourself with when traveling is sustainability, and Hotel Cappuccino is committed to it with many “shared value” programs. One such way to pitch in is to keep the room’s Earn & Giveaway box in your room unopened if you’re staying for more than two nights. The box contains additional room amenities, and if you leave it untouched, you can use the coupon on the box to make a donation to

On top of that, a portion of proceeds from the Bark Room goes to KARA, on organization providing shelter for abandoned dogs. Meanwhile, a percentage of proceeds from select menus from the hotel’s in-house restaurants too are channelled towards charity.

This all just goes to show that Hotel Cappuccino is not just doing things right by the trendy traveler’s aesthetic and lifestyle; it’s also doing right by the trendy traveler’s conscience.

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