India: Drinking in public will soon be banned in tourist-heavy Goa

Tourists throng the popular Arambol Beach in Goa. Source: Kudryashova Alla/Shutterstock

GOA’S state government will ban the consumption of liquor in public places to “curb the nuisance created by people in a drunken state”.

Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar said people often sit on roadsides and break the bottles on the road after they’re done with their drinks, causing a nuisance to other civilians.

To control the behavior, the government will impose fines on people who drink in public, as well as revoke licences of liquor shops that allow people to drink near the shops.

Parrikar said: “If someone wants to drink (liquor), they should drink inside and not in public places. In the next 15 days, I will hold meetings with government officials to ban the consumption of liquor at public places.”

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The state has already clamped down on drinking on public beaches. This is on top of a Supreme Court order earlier this year to ban the nationwide sale of alcohol in highway hotels and retail outlets in India.

The ban was implemented on all hotels within 500m of state and national highways, which covers about half of all hotels in the country.

Furthermore, the state of Kerala banned alcohol from establishments other than five-star hotels, a move that could potentially threaten its tourist numbers.