In pictures: Meet your curious, playful ‘furry’ fellow passengers on this train ride

A passenger takes a picture of a cat, in a train cat cafe, held on a local train. Source: Reuters

A LOCAL train in Ogaki in central Japan allowed some 30 rescue cats roam loose on its trains to raise awareness of the culling of stray cats, Reuters reported.

Passengers were greeted by meowing felines on the cat café trains, which some passengers traveled 90 minutes from Tokyo to board in Ogaki. For US$27, passengers were given the chance to mingle with the adorable kitties, a bento box lunch, sweets, and an all-day travel ticket.

Mikiko Hayashi, a passenger from western Japan, who owns two cats that were strays, told Reuters: “I think it’s great more people are aware about stray kittens through events like this.”

Other reports said passengers on the train were besotted with the felines which climbed on their laps, and ran back and forth across the trains.

“They were so light and little and curious about everything,” another passenger Bill Adler said. “In Japanese, one very popular word is kawaii, which means cute. That word was more appropriate on this train ride than any other place I’ve ever been. It was awesomely cute. It was just wild.”

The event was organized by Yoro Railway Co Ltd and a local non-governmental organization called Kitten Cafe Sanctuary.

The cat café concept is common in Japan where patrons sip tea and eat cookies surrounded by cats.