Lawyer proposes to girlfriend mid-air as flight plunges 24,000ft

(File) While other passengers braced themselves during the drop, Jeanes proposed to his partner, sooner than expected. Source: Shutterstock

A LONDON-BASED lawyer had planned to propose to his girlfriend during a dream-like holiday in Indonesia but popped the question mid-air as their Bali-bound AirAsia flight took on a terrifying plunge last week.

Chris Jeanes and his girlfriend Casey Kinchella was on board flight QZ535 on Oct 16 when all of a sudden, the aircraft descended abruptly and lost cabin pressure, according to The Independent (Singapore).

The plane fell some 24,000 feet in just nine minutes with the cabin turning into a scene of chaos as oxygen masks dropped with flight attendants yelling and terrified passengers.

While other passengers braced themselves during the drop, Jeanes made the proposal to his partner, sooner than expected.

“Luckily she said yes,” Jeanes said, as quoted by NBC news.

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The flight turned back to Perth where the couple departed. Upon landing, Jeanes said they both reconfirmed with each other on the question.

After the incident, the passengers described their harrowing experience of their plane dropping with 145 people on board.

The plane was forced to turn back less than an hour into the flight after it dropped two-thirds of its altitude.

Chris Jeanes (right) proposed to his girlfriend while other passengers braced themselves during the terrifying ordeal. Source: Facebook

Some of the passengers thought they would die during the ordeal, with some of them texting their family members to say their goodbyes.

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“The panic was escalated, because of the behaviour of staff, who was screaming and looked tearful,” Passenger Clare Askew said.

The sudden plunge was reportedly due to a technical problem which caused the aircraft to descend from 32,000 feet to less than 10,000 feet without warning.

AirAsia said the cause of the incident was being investigated.