Malaysians most influenced by food when making travel decisions

Penang is popular among domestic travelers for its robust street food scene. Source: Shutterstock

A NEW survey by agoda suggested that Malaysian domestic travelers are most likely to choose their travel destinations based on food and dining experiences.

Data showed that 77 percent of Malaysians travel for food while “nature and scenery” and “local culture or lifestyles” clocked in at 73 and 67 percent respectively.

The data was further evidenced by a list of most popular local spots in Malaysia with Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Malacca taking the top three spots – all three are known to be food havens.

Agoda’s global director for brand and communications Andrew Edwards said in a statement: “Anyone who has eaten in Malaysia knows how great the food is but what stands out is the fact that they are getting off the beaten track to experience their country’s scenery and local cultures – this is what separates millennials from older travelers.”

Street food stalls along the Jonker Street night market in Melaka. Source: KYTan/Shuttertock

The survey was commissioned to over 1,000 Malaysian respondents aged between 18 to 64.

In a separate study earlier this year, it was revealed that Malaysian millennials are often worried about scoring the best deal when on holiday.

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The survey – which interviewed over 1,000 Malaysian millennials – found that 55 percent of travelers are not sure if they’re getting the best price, 54 percent of respondents are worried about other people’s preferences, while 48 percent are bogged down with too much information.

When choosing a destination, most of the respondents said affordability was a factor followed by the  place’s “Instagrammability”.