You can now use Android Pay, Apple Pay on Singapore Airlines mobile app

ingapore Airlines Ltd said the security checks could include inspections of personal electronic devices as well as security questioning during check-in and boarding. Source: Reuters

BOOKING flights and selecting seats on Singapore Airlines (SIA) has now become easier as travellers can now pay for airfares and other services via Android Pay and Apple Pay on the carrier’s mobile app.

The airline said the new payment methods will make transactions faster and more convenient for customers, Today Online reported on Thursday.

With the two modes of payment, customers save time on bookings as they no longer have to provide payment details before buying the flight tickets.

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This is because those with Android Pay accounts would already have their credit or debit card details and billing address stored in the payment service.

Android Pay and Apple Pay provides the airline’s customers with a seamless and more efficient payment option Source: Shutterstock

Apple Pay users, on the other hand, have the same details kept in a “secure element” of the mobile service, which means their credit or debit account details are not stored on the device which is assigned a unique device account number.

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SIA senior vice-president for sales and marketing Campbell Wilson was quoted as saying that cashless payment was a rising trend not only in Singapore but in many parts of the world.

“Having cutting-edge mobile payment platforms such as Android Pay and Apple Pay provides our customers with a seamless and more efficient payment option whenever they make a purchase on our mobile app,” he said.