Airbnb announces cost-sharing feature – so you don’t have to front the whole bill

Airbnb is introducing a cost-splitting feature, so those making group bookings will no longer have the front the whole cost of a stay. Source: Nik Lanús

AIRBNB is constantly innovating to ensure it stays on trend with customers’ demands. In its most recent attempt to supply short-term renters with what they want, the company has announced it will let users split payments via the app.

Getting money from the other people you’re staying with isn’t always an easy task. Presented with excuse after excuse about why the bank transfer is it late, you can often end up feeling more stressed than excited about the trip.

The platform now lets users split the cost of a listing between up to 16 people. And although the app automatically splits the cost evenly, guests can show their generous side and pay for one than one person.

Airbnb is one of the pioneers of the sharing economy, alongside ride-sharing app Uber, bike-sharing app Mobike and dog-boarding app DogVaycay. This new type of economy is thriving, with no sign of slowing down.

In 2016, the founder and CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, reached out to the app’s users and asked what feature they most wanted to see.

Many ideas were brought up and Chesky replied to almost every tweet. He also reminded us how Airbnb started by him registering his couch as a form of accommodation with the San Francisco authorities.

Among the requests of being able to see whether a listing has a private bathroom – and whether someone could register a tent in their garden – was the demand to split costs.

The feature will be available in every current Airbnb-utilizing country apart from India and China.

Airbnb’s other recent innovations include being able to make restaurant reservations via the app, either searching by cuisine type or choosing from a carefully curated map of nearby eateries.

Airbnb Experiences is another feature enticing more users by the day. The experiences are created and led by the host in the local area in which you are staying – and range from truffle foraging to caving, and from learning how to burlesque dance to cooking the finest foods.

What will Airbnb announce next?