Indonesian event to showcase organic methods in batik-making


Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. Source:

AN event in Indonesia this weekend hopes to raise awareness of the organic making of batik and push Yogyakarta as the world’s batik city.

Indonesia Organic Community is hosting the event – called Organic, Green and Heal Istimewa – on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The traditional clothing, originating from Java, is made by dyeing fabrics after wax was applied to the parts that will remain undyed. The color, style and print of the cloth portray certain status. Some prints are reserved only for the royal family.

The large international convention will feature a range of organic products and be attended by industry professionals and makers of the garment.

While the term organic is most often associated with edible products, it also applies to health and eco-friendliness.

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Therefore, the immediate need for this event is to end the damaging industry of fast and synthetic batik manufacturing. While the cloth is native to Java, there are many examples of imitations across the globe. In the early 1900s, Germany mass-produced the fabric and since then, computerization techniques have been developed to quicken the production time.

This, however, has a detrimental effect on the traditional techniques. It gives batik a bad name and takes away from what the clothing means in Indonesia culture.

“It’s time to understand about batik that uses natural coloring and organic batik; let’s present Yogyakarta as the world’s batik city,” KOI Yogyakarta-Central head Agung Saputra told The Jakarta Post.


A batik maker in Malaysia. Source:

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The event aims to take away the unaffordable reputation of the organic product, so organizers have chosen Embung Langensari – an outdoor space in the center of Yogyakarta – as the location, with the aim of presenting the organic products as accessible and affordable.

As well as focusing on providing information about organic products, there will also be a batik competition for elementary school students, talks, an Eco Print workshop, fashion shows, healthy culinary workshop and a talk show on building a product marketplace.