Malaysia is recognized as one of the top destinations for expats

Dusk view of Kuala Lumpur skyline as seen from Thean Hou Temple illuminated for the Mid-Autumn festival on September 15, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Source: Elena Ermakova/Shutterstock

MALAYSIA has been named the “biggest winner” in a study examining expat experiences around the world.

The Internations survey places Kuala Lumpur 4th in the overall list of 51 cities ranked best to worst for expats to set up home in, with Manama, Prague, and Madrid just slightly ahead.

The city is highly appreciated for how easy it is to settle down and feel at home in such a short space of time.

The study was formed using responses from nearly 13,000 people living and working abroad, Expat Insider 2017 is one of the most extensive expat studies worldwide. Apart from offering an in-depth analysis of expat life in 51 cities, the survey ranks them by a variety of factors from the area’s quality of urban living, getting settled, urban work life, as well as finance and housing.

According to all these rating factors, the top 10 cities for expats are Manama, Prague, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Basel, and Frankfurt am Main.

Kuala Lumpur also has very little language barriers as many nationalities and cultures exist alongside each other. The nearly 32 million strong population homes many foreigners, and a high proportion of Chinese and India nationals have made Malaysia their home, meaning Hindi, Mandarin and English are commonly used languages, alongside Bahasa Malaysian, the national language.

Less than a quarter of respondents (22%) consider the local language particularly hard to learn, compared to half the survey participants around the world who say the same about the language(s) of their respective country of residence.

Malaysia encourages cultural diversity and it is a brilliant place to learn about religions, cultures and traditions. Source:

Malaysia has long been very accepting of diversity. Kuala Lumpur, in particular, has encouraged people with different religious beliefs and views to live beside each other. This is something of a rarity, even in Western countries.

Although Islam is the main recognized religion of Malaysia, many other faiths are celebrated through public holidays, like Diwali and Chinese New Year.

Being an expat in Kuala Lumpur will also make your bank account smile. The city came in second in the category of finance and housing, just marginally behind Bangkok.

Expats in Kuala Lumpur have reported finding the housing search particularly easy, with 46 percent reporting that they usually have little or no difficulty in scooping up a place to live. As well as the ease of finding a house, the cost of upkeep and rent is kept to a minimal also.

With an average two-bedroom apartment in the city coming in at around US$650 per month in rent and 69 percent of expats surveyed said the financial pressures in Kulua Lumpur are kept to an absolute minimum.

The position of disposable income for expats living in Malaysia is certainly a positive one. 61 percent said they are generally satisfied with their own financial situation and 85 percent are thrilled to have more than enough to balance their budgets and still have fun.

“It’s possible to afford a far better lifestyle than back home,” a respondent from the UK, currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, told Internations.

Perhaps the only thing that you may have to brace yourself for is the year-round, intense heat. Malaysia averages around 89-degree Fahrenheit every day, with temperatures only marginally falling in January. Walking anywhere, let alone cycling, is made rather difficult by the sweltering heats, but fret not as the average taxi ride is only around US$1.

Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai also feature in the top 20 destinations for expats to move to, which comes as little surprise. The mix of cultures, colors, and cuisines available in these countries will open your world up to new experiences.

So, if you’re thinking of migrating to another country, whether for a short while or long term, it is important to do thorough research. But, don’t be afraid, because there are opportunities to be had.