What millennial travelers want – delicious food and a touch of luxury

New study finds millennials prioritize pampering and food when booking their travel. Source: bbernard/Shutterstock

MILLENNIALS across Asia Pacific know what they want out of their travel experiences – and it’s a touch of luxury, delicious food and bang for their buck.

New generational data released Thursday by Expedia Media Solutions, the advertising arm of Expedia Inc., shows that Australian, Chinese and Japanese travelers are all looking for the best deals and the most value for their money, but preferences and priorities vary by generation and country.

“The study revealed unique nuances among Asia-Pacific countries and generations, but we found that regardless of the country, millennial travel attitudes, preferences and priorities challenge the status quo,” Expedia Media Solutions vice-president of product management Lisa Lindberg said.

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“Millennials across Australia, China and Japan are looking for unique experiences and activities, delicious food, shopping and a bit of luxury on their vacations, and overall, they are the most receptive to advertising influence, which is great news for travel marketers.”

millenial travel asia pacific trends

Source: Expedia Media Solutions

Chinese millennials were found to prioritize feeling pampered during their vacation above activities and price. They are also the biggest shoppers, allocating the largest percentage of their travel budget to shopping (18 percent) – more than any other Asia-Pacific generation.

For Japanese Gen Z travelers, however, getting the lowest price is priority number one, while other generations focus on the food experience ahead of price.

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Across all regions studied, budget and getting value for money was considered a primary consideration when booking their last trip.

millenial travel asia pacific trends

Source: Expedia Media Solutions

Unsurprisingly, online travel agencies and search engines proved to be the leading planning and booking resources for most Asia-Pacific travelers.

Japanese travelers are the least decisive when it comes to picking out a destination, with more than 60 percent either deciding between two or more locales or simply not having a destination in mind at all when they decide to take a trip.

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This is fairly typical behavior for millennials when it comes to picking out a destination. It leaves them more open to destination inspiration than their older baby boomer counterparts, and more susceptible to quality and informative advertising campaigns.

The study found that more than two-thirds of all Chinese travelers said ads can be influential in their decision-making process. Nearly 70 percent of Gen Z and millennials and over half of older generations said ads with appealing imagery and ads with informative content can be influential.