Singapore’s biggest ever carnival is coming to town this December

A colorful carnival is coming to visit Singapore this December - are you brave enough to go on its biggest rides? Source:

THE unmistakable smell of cotton candy, screams of thrill seekers dizzying themselves on the rides, bright flashing lights and the jingle of music that entices you to play hook-the-duck – where else, but a carnival?

This December, the Promontory and the Bayfront event space in Singapore will host the giant carnival. More than 40 waltzers, bumper cars, ghost train and roller-coasters are being brought in from around the globe, including Germany, England and Italy. The rides, stalls and sweet-treat sellers will span across 25,000 square feet, equivalent to 31.5 football pitches.

“This event is the first of its scale. We are bigger than any other carnival ever held in Singapore. We have also brought in Singapore’s largest collection of more than 30 games stalls, and over a million prizes await,” Barnabas Chia, head of the carnival’s organizing team, told a media conference.

So, what can you expect from your carnival visit? A lot

Among the rides featured at the über-funfair is the much anticipated and in-demand Star Flyer, a 35-meter-high tower ride that gives riders a stunning 360-degree view across Singapore’s impressive skyline.

For those adrenaline junkies with a strong heart and (hopefully) an empty stomach, the Booster Maxx has everything you need. Towering above the marina at 55 meters, the ride spins and whirls anticlockwise at up to 96 kmh.

But the carnival does not just consist of the highest highs and curliest of whirling rides. For those seeking a gentle ride, head over to the Log Flume or the Apple coaster, where the little ones can enjoy a slice of the fun-fair bonanza without being dizzy for days.

After all the rollercoaster excitement, head over to some of the 30 carnival stalls to win an array of prizes –from expensive gadgets or cuddly toys. This could also feature as the perfect opportunity to woo a potential love interest with your coconut-throwing skills.

The delicious food options dotted around the carnival include gourmet burgers, festive Bao buns, traditional Swiss raclette and sumptuous Spanish churros.

You can enjoy all of this from December 8 to April 1, 2018, even on Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. So, go and feast your fearless appetites on frightening rides, treat yourself to some winter-warming dishes, and if you are really lucky, you could even take home a giant cuddly pink unicorn.