Virgin Atlantic and The Sleep Council reveal the secret to a good flight’s sleep


Virgin have written three handy guides to getting a good sleep on board a plane. Source:

VIRGIN ATLANTIC has teamed up with The Sleep Council to work out the secret to a good flight’s sleep. So, whether you’re cooped up in economy or splayed out in first class, there are tactics that can guarantee you a cozy and comfortable sleep on short or long-haul flights.

The three guides provide some top tips that apply to all travelers, no matter the ticket. These include setting your watch to the time zone of your destination, to make it easier to adjust to meals time.

As well as this, the experts suggest that you carry on with your normal bedtime routine, so take off your makeup, wash your face, scrub your pearly whites (teeth) and floss, this is to trick the mind into thinking it is your normal bedtime.

“We know how important it is to land feeling refreshed and ready for the day,” Mark Anderson, Executive Vice President of Customer at Virgin Atlantic, said in a statement.

“Whether you’ve got an important pitch or the holiday of a lifetime, we want to ensure customers make the most of their time away.”

On average, your body will need a day to adjust to every time zone you travel through. While we find it easier traveling to the East, opposed to the West, as it lengthens, rather then shortens our day, it can still be difficult to shake that groggy tired feeling when you land.

But imagine waking up and starting your holiday or business trip feeling fresh, sparky and completely rested.

Getting comfy, laying off carb-heavy meals and meditating are all tips for achieving a good flights sleep. Source:

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Guide to sleeping in economy and premium economy

Whilst there are differences in seat size and amenities available between the two cabins, the advice for getting some shut-eye while traveling in economy and premium economy is very similar.

Make sure you’re not wearing restrictive or tight clothes. It’s likely your irritation levels will go sky high if your clothing is annoying you.

It is also perfectly acceptable to bring pajamas to wear on board, just incorporate the change into your onboard bedtime routine.

To ensure you can snuggle down to sleep town, bring along a comfy pillow and extra blankets if the ones provided on board aren’t enough. Then recline your chair as much as you can and stretch your legs out. You are now in optimal “drift off” position.

On top of this, try turning off all electronics and make sure you don’t snack right up to the time you want to sleep. Practice slow breathing, the 4-7-8 technique is popular when flying and make sure you stay hydrated.

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Guide to sleeping in upper class

The perks of booking an upper-class ticket with Virgin will make pre-departure, flying and arriving so much easier.

Take full advantage of the clubhouse, but try and resist some of more carb-heavy treats on offer, as these could keep you awake.

When onboard and ready to settle down,  request that a member of the cabin turns down your bed while you nip to the restroom to carry out your bedtime routine. Then, by the time you’re finished,  your chair will have been transformed into a warm, soft cotton sheeted bed, just waiting for you to climb into.

Make sure you tell the crew you don’t want to be disturbed and hand over your breakfast card before you drift off.

Upon arrival, you will be given a hot towel and citrus oil to make you radiant for your day ahead.

Frequent flyers are all too aware that having an undisturbed and comfortable sleep is a rare luxury on a plane journey. But following these guides can direct you away from onboard distractions, and lull you into a slumber sanctuary.