Expedia India’s new campaign is really quite pleasant


Expedia India has launched a new travel campaign with a very pleasant theme. Source: Shutterstock.com

TRAVEL comparison site Expedia has launched its new ad campaign for its Indian audience, with the colorful theme of What a pleasant surprise!

The advert is the brainchild of communications agency Taproot Dentsu whose core values lie in building a strong case of unusual inquiry.

The ad aims to intrigue new shoppers and customers to the booking site, and ultimately get them to plan and book vacations. Expedia is also introducing enhanced facilities, such as no booking fee for more than 500 airlines and free cancellation on 220,000 hotels around the globe.

The adverts in the campaign are founded on encouraging others to have a good time. The first of the two adverts is focused on a high school reunion, with most of the group dancing while one man insists he can’t dance. Eventually, the friends pull him in for a boogie and he soon gets into the groove.

“The brief given to the agency was to showcase and address trepidation, hesitancy and state of inertia that keeps consumers away from trying something new in life, and the associated surprise, joy and contentment of that new experience,” Manmeet Ahluwalia, head of marketing at Expedia India, said in a statement.

The second looks at a young couple on a sandy beach. The girlfriend is eager to splash in the waves and enjoy the warm waters, but her efforts to get her boyfriend to join in the fun do not prevail.

Eventually, a moderately big wave washes over them and as they get to their feet, a surprised smile grows across the man’s face – because it’s a nice feeling to try something new.

“Unless we try something, we will never know. This is the key insight we developed into a campaign where the protagonists try out things that they’ve never tried before,” Titus Upputuru, creative head at Taproot Dentsu, Gurgaon said in the same statement.

“As a result, they end up discovering experiences that they thoroughly enjoy. Not only that, once ‘bitten’ by the experience, the protagonists don’t want to stop. We hope new consumers try Expedia.co.in and find to their delight and surprise, exciting experiences.”