How to get the best value flights, according to the experts

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Turns out the best day to book flights is a Sunday according to Expedia. Source: Shutterstock

AS all travelers know, sometimes you have to sacrifice your dream travel dates in order to snatch up the best flight deals. This sometimes means waking up before the break of dawn, having exhaustingly long layovers and arriving at your destination at the most inconvenient time. But, we tell ourselves, this is worth it for the price that we’re paying, right?

Luckily for us, Expedia has partnered up with the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and they have just released their findings on how to save money on flights. Gone are the days of paying an extortionate amount for flights only to see them decrease in the next week. Here are some of the best tips we learnt from reading the report.

Best day to buy plane tickets

Contrary to popular belief, Tuesday is not the best day to buy the cheapest flights! As Expedia recently revealed, the best days to find affordable international flights were on Sunday. The exceptions to this rule within the Asian market are Thailand and Singapore, where the best day to book flights is Saturday. You can even buy domestic flights at their cheapest on these days.

However, Expedia warns, be sure to avoid booking on Fridays, as these will show you the most expensive results.

Best time to buy plane tickets

I wish we could tell you that buying tickets spontaneously results in the best price, but that’s simply not true. Instead, you should aim to acquire these purchases at least a month in advance.

For flights from Asia to Europe, the latest you should aim to buy your tickets 30 days before scheduled departure. Flights to the United States follow a completely different pattern, where there is hardly any correlation between advance in purchase of ticket and price paid. If you’re planning to fly into Hong Kong, be warned; prices can increase dramatically after the 30 day mark.

However, there are some cases where the cheapest tickets appear mere days before the flight is supposed to leave, particularly in the Kuala Lumpur to Penang route and domestic travel within China. But since you can’t plan for last-minute cheap prices, it would be safer to book tickets between 30 and 40 days before you leave.

If you’re planning your next adventure, the best day to start your journey is on either on Thursday or Friday. Source: Unsplash

Best day to start travelling

Here are the good news: you don’t have to miss out on too many days of work if you’re planning to travel. In fact, the best day to start your journey is on either on Thursday or Friday, so you should take advantage of Saturday and Sunday to plan a quick weekend getaway!

You should avoid starting your journeys on Saturday and Sunday if you can, as that’s when the average ticket price for international flights aboard economy class are at their highest point.

Best month to travel

A rule of thumb to follow is to avoid school holidays, as these will inevitably push the price up.

If you’re leaving from Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore, then your best bet is to travel during March. Alternatively, Thailand and South Korea benefit more from travelling later in the year, specifically, November.

So there you have it, these are some of the ways you can get the best value for money when it comes to flights. So why not take advantage of everything Expedia found to book a holiday for 2018?