Singapore’s best Western-inspired halal restaurants


From gourmet burgers to salmon topped pizza – Singapore has some of the best Halal restaurants, and here’s where to find them. Source: Freddie Marriage / Unsplash

SINGAPORE is known for its mouth-watering and eclectic food scene. It’s also home to over three-million Muslims, so it comes as little surprise that some of South East Asia’s most tantalizing Halal restaurants can be found in this multicultural country.

Malaysian, Thai, Indian and Indonesian halal restaurants can be found all over the region, but some of the most popular Muslim-friendly eateries are inspired by Western recipes. From gourmet burgers, to Louisiana fried shrimp and delicate eclairs to chili beef fries.

Here are some of the best halal certified restaurants that we don’t want you to miss out on.

FIX café

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The Mexican-themed menu is perfect for brunch lovers and indulgent diners. Those craving delicious comfort food should definitely come to Fix Café.

On the menu are some comfort classics, like the crispy butter fried chicken, Chicken Pascal – slow cocked and dripping with tangy chipotle tomato sauce – and FIX’s take on the Mexican fajita.

Our personal favorite is the Superman burger – a brioche bun layered with lettuce, a juicy beef patty, monterey jack cheese, onion relish, another upside-down bun, fried egg, all sprinkled with crispy onions. If that doesn’t get your mouth-watering, we’re not sure what will.

Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm at 01-07 Hometeams-Jom at Balestier, 31 Ah Hood Road,  329979

The Lab SG

Taking the coolest and trendiest inspiration from the hit Netflix series, Breaking Bad, the juicy burger joint serves up dishes like the Heisenberger – a tribute to the shows main character.

Even if you haven’t yet seen the program, the restaurant promises to impress you with great flavors and some themed décor.

On the menu are flavors from around the globe, such as pan-seared duck, a salmon wasabi burger, peanut butter and jam chicken burger and sambal goreng fries.

The restaurant also offers a variety of pasta dishes, from carbonara to salted egg yolk pasta with a choice of chicken, salmon or duck to be tangled into the yellow tentacles.

Open 12 pm to 22 pm at 1 Jalan Pisang #01-01, Singapore


This café is all about the cute factor, but don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about taste. The tiny café is Singapore’s first Japanese-French inspired snack-bar with Halal certification. Serving up handcrafted petite eclairs, pancakes and plated yogurt parfaits – almost too cute to eat, but too delicious not to.

Kumoya has just collaborated with Dutch cartoon character Miffy. Making this already super cute café, even more adorable.

For those looking for a savory treat whilst others dine on dinky pastries, the café also serves truffle fries, tempura topped pancakes and rice.

Open 12 pm to 9 pm daily at 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320, Singapore.

Cajun on Wheels Plaza Singapura

If you’re in the mood for seafood, then Cajun on Wheels Plaza Singapura won’t disappoint.

Located on 68 Orchard Road, it’s a great place to pop into after a day spent shopping, but it equally stands out as a destination restaurant.

Once you’ve got your plastic bib on, get stuck in with your fingers to the Halal Louisiana-style seafood, offering crustacean-filled buckets, big enough to satisfy any appetite. The choice is varied, from sea bass and fried squid, to tiger prawns, crab, and oysters, to name a few.

For the carnivorous meat-lovers among you, there’s also the premium beef crusty burger – and add a little lobster for that added touch of class.

A little tip from us – if you go in the month of your Birthday, they’ll give you a free Incrawdibles bucket!

Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm at 68 Orchard Road Plaza, Singapura #03-92 S(238839)

Tazeh by Shabestan

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A little bit of the Middle East comes to Singapore. Perfect for an on the go snack – Tazeh serves up falafel stuffed wraps, fresh salad and smothered in your choice of dips, such as humus and tzatziki.

Some of the finest Lebanese food pairings also feature on the menu at Tazeh. Along with veggie falafel, a choice of chicken, beef or lamb can be mixed with couscous, feta cheese and hummus stuffed into a toasted pita bread.

Open daily from 11 am to 10 pm at ION Orchard, 238801 Singapore