7 brilliant and bizarre airline safety videos


Air New Zealand’s safety video is possibly the most epic of them all. Source: Air New Zealand YouTube

WHO knew something as important as an airline safety video could be turned into a short film, worthy perhaps of even a Golden Globe?

Airlines across the world are using new ways to ensure people pay attention to the safety advice onboard an aircraft.

Traditional methods such as having crewmembers point out escape routes and manually demonstrate how to don an oxygen mask are used less and less now. Instead, airlines are getting creative and putting together some pretty epic videos, some of them even featuring Hollywood movie stars, to get that crucial message on safety across to passengers. No prizes for guessing the more effective method.

Here are 7 of the world’s most genius and bizarre airline safety videos:

Air New Zealand

It wouldn’t be New Zealand if there weren’t references to The Lord of the Rings. But this safety video takes it to a whole new level. In the nearly five-minute-long clip, two LOTR fans are seen rushing through the airport to board a flight. As they finally settle into their seats, they do a double take when they realize they’re seated next to none other than, you guessed it, Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) himself.

Brilliant or bizarre? A healthy mixture of both, we say

British Airways

Featuring respected British actors, comedians, and chefs, this six-minute safety video couldn’t be further from dull if it tried. With spoof-directing from writer and actor Asim Chaudhry, the video gets the safety message across in a creative and humorous way.

If you get British humor, then you’ll love this video, and even if you don’t, Asim’s awkwardness will make you chuckle. See for yourself.

Brilliant or bizarre? Bizare if you’re unfamiliar with the actors, otherwise, entirely brilliant!

Oman Airlines

Oman Airlines steered away from using an actual plane in its video, keeping in trend with other airlines that have chosen to do the same. Instead, the airline used a mountaintop to illustrate changing cabin pressures and the roof of a truck to demonstrate how to load overhead luggage. It is creative, to say the least, but perhaps won’t be the most impactful on those who take things a little too literally.

Brilliant or bizarre? Oxygen masks that fall from the sky? Defintiely bizarre 


Qantas, as Australia’s national flag carrier, inspires passengers to experience “the real spirit of Australia” with its safety video.

The film offers glimpses of what’s on offer in Australia such as paragliders, art installations, the great Outback, the iconic Bondi Icebergs pool and hilltop yoga.

These fun activities double up as safety instructions, for example, the lady sliding down Josephine Falls is demonstrating an emergency exit if the plane lands on water.

See the creative analogies for yourself.

Brilliant or bizarre? Brilliant!

Singapore Airlines

Here’s one that could very well double up as a promotional video for the island state.

Much like Qantas, Singapore Airlines’ safety video features culturally significant items, places, and families and friends having fun around the island, certain to get you excited about your trip.

The video is also awash with soothing blue tones and narrated by a soft-spoken flight attendant, all of which combine to help passengers feel at ease.

Brilliant or bizarre? It’s a soothing video to watch, so brilliant for pre-flight relaxing

Delta Air Lines

If you spend time giggling while browsing the Internet’s funniest videos, then this airline safety film is sure to get you laughing. Featuring Internet sensations such as The Annoying Orange, Keyboard Cat, and the “Charlie bit my finger” brothers, Delta perfectly demonstrates onboard safety through familiar phrases.

Brilliant or bizarre? Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant… if you’re a YouTube warrior that is 

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines pay homage to the brilliant crew keeping travelers safe up in the air. As air stewards transform from their normal uniforms into Marvel superheroes, the passengers pay attention and abide by the safety rules.

See if you can spot your favorite character.

Brilliant or bizarre? Brilliant for its use of portraying crew as superheroes