The art of getting the cheapest flights


Save money on your flights and see more of the world with the money you save. Source: Christine Roy / Unsplash

IF you’re back to work after the holidays and feeling the effects of the 9-to-5, you’re probably already thinking about when to book your next break. And there’s no guilt in that because you’re not likely to be alone.

Taking time off from work is also good for both mind and body; vacation deprivation is a known problem and could lead to strained relationships and compromised health.

So whether or not you’re a last-minute chancer or prefer to plan your holidays months in advance, you should consider these tips if you want to stay ahead of the crowds and snag the best deals.

Early birds catch the worms

Sometimes, peak travel times can’t be avoided, especially if you have nippers or a job that only allows you to travel out of term time. If this is the case, then we suggest you book way in advance.

Try to also avoid traveling on the weekends because that will rocket your purchase from a reasonable amount to a “shall we just have a stay-cation” kind of price.

Don’t become obsessed with flying on a certain date either, because a mere 24 hours later could mean saving some serious bucks.

Go undercover


Most sales websites have cookies, not the delicious kind, but the pesky ones that track your search history. By doing this they can see what you and other searchers are looking for, then up the prices according to demand. Annoying right?

A simple way to avoid this is by going incognito on your browser to avoid leaving an online paper-trail.

Don’t be a Luddite, get savvy

Less than a decade ago you needed an appointment with your travel agent to book even the smallest trip, but thanks to our trusted friend, the Internet, travel agents are collecting dust and we’re booking holidays on the bus.

There is, however, more of an art to getting the cheapest possible flights than just going incognito and getting in there early. As annoying as persistent emails from travel companies may be, they could come in handy when booking your next trip as you will be the first to know about promotions.

It’s also important to steer clear of third party booking websites that rip you off with obscene booking fees and hidden costs that only reveal themselves just as you’re about to confirm your booking.

Stick to these tips, and with the money you save, you could splash out on the plane. Go on, treat yourself to that duty-free eau de parfum.

Happy booking, fellow travelers!