Asia’s animal cafes: Sip coffee with alpacas, eat cake with hedgehogs

ANIMAL cafes have seen a rise in popularity across the globe in recent years. Europe is scattered with cute cat cafes and rescue dog restaurants, but Asia has taken dining with animals to a whole new level.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have never experienced that cuteness overload of enjoying a drink and bite to eat while surrounded by adorable, loving animals, then this is your chance to get acquainted with what Asia has to offer.

From cloud-like sheep to baby hedgehogs, here are Asia’s most “awww-inspiring” animal cafes.

Huskitory – Malacca, Malaysia


There are plenty of cute huskies to cuddle at this cafe, and sometimes even husky puppies too! Source: Taylor Bragg

This Siberian husky playground is a paradise for dog lovers. The cafe is a short taxi ride away from the Southwest city of Malacca, two hours from Kuala Lumpur.

The all-white interior and super clean smell could trick you into believing that fluffy pups have never stepped foot inside the cafe. But as soon as they run through the door and into your laps, you’ll be whisked off into a state of canine euphoria.

Thanks Nature Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

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This cafe is one of Seoul’s best-kept secrets. Despite being tucked away in the basement of a city building, the coffee and waffle cafe is still flooded with natural light and has a fresh, simple feel to it.

The best part, however, is the two mischievous lambs that will follow you wherever you go in the cafe – if you’ve got a bit of hay sticking out of your pocket, that is.

The owner treats the lambs like his own babies and the love is reciprocated by the fluffy four-legged friends.

Rockstar Cafe – Osaka-shi, Japan

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This cafe isn’t full of cuddly cuties, but if scales and multiple legs are your thing, then this is the cafe for you.

Rockstar Cafe is famous for its largest collection of reptiles, including vibrant chameleons and majestic iguanas. The cafe is also home to slithery snakes, crawly tarantulas, and wriggly centipedes.

This cafe isn’t recommended for the faint-hearted as there are various creepy-crawlies everywhere you look. If you have arachnophobia (fear of spiders) or herpetophobia (fear of lizards), then you’ll probably just want to pop in for a scrumptious crepe to eat on the go.

However, if you’re a little more daring, try the Centipede Alcohol for a hundred-legged surprise.

Lucky Bunny Cafe Restaurant – Chiang Mai, Thailand

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You’ll be hopping with glee at this rabbit-themed restaurant. Cuddle them as they nestle into you and find a warm spot to sleep, or admire them as they chomp their way through delicious fruits as you sip your coffee.

Harinezumi “Harry” Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

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These nocturnal balls of cuteness may not be super cuddly but there are ways of holding them without hurting yourself or causing them any stress.

The Harinezumi (Harry) Cafe has plenty of prickly little hedgehogs for you to admire. From the most common salt and pepper color to cinnamon and even albino breeds.

You’re invited to take photos with them but remember not to use your flash and be extra gentle with them as hedgehogs have an innate nervous disposition.

Blind Alley Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

Raccoons have a long and often unfair history of being seen as pests in the US, but in this cafe in Seoul, they are adored and doted over.

Admittedly, when they’ve nested in your basement or within the floorboards of your attic, you’re not going to find the scuffling and cable-chewing very adorable. But once you see them in a chilled atmosphere where they don’t have to scavenge for food or look for a home, you’ll soon see their mischievous, but loving and playful personalities shine through.

 Oia Cafe – New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Alpacas have received a lot of attention over the past few years and their following has rocketed due to adorable and endearing YouTube videos popping up as people integrate these fluffy creatures into their families.

In this cafe, located in the idyllic setting of New Taipei City, next to the ocean, alpacas are free to roam around. They love being petted and of course, fed, but best of all are the baby crias and machos (female and male baby alpacas) that gallop around like toddlers running after their imaginations.