Bali’s ‘Airbnb Experiences’ second most popular in Asia


Airbnb experiences in Bali are growing in popularity. Source: @AirbnbBali / Instagram

AIRBNB EXPERIENCES only entered Bali in November last year but has already proven a hit among travelers heading to the wildly popular tourist island. Within less than three months, experience packages for the Indonesian island emerged the second most booked in all of Asia, the top being Tokyo.

The “Experiences” program offered on Airbnb allows guests to choose unique hands-on tours, workshops, cookery lessons and much more, all run by the locals who put together these packages for those looking for a more culturally immersive experience.

Airbnb puts emphasis on vetting each experience to ensure it is exactly what the description offers, so you can simply focus on the experience itself, whether it is frying up a plate of Indonesian-style nasi goreng (fried rice) or learning to assemble your very own gado-gado (Indonesian salad) bowl.

So what are people doing on this paradise island?

As frequent Bali travelers would know: there’s loads more to the island than its sun-kissed beaches, great food and thumping nightlife. And this is where the packages on Airbnb Experiences come in.

Among the most popular bookings are Biking through Bali’s Hidden Beauty in Gianyar, The Surf Champion in Badung, Organic Farm Cooking class in Ubud, Meditate with a Shaman and White Water Rafting Adventure in Bali.

“Everything was super laid back and friendly. We couldn’t believe how delicious the food was yet how simple it was to make. I can’t wait to cook the recipes when I get back home” said Amy, a participant in the Organic Farm cooking class.

Other Experience packages include a Landscape Photography day trip, Vespa-Trekking, and an Eco-spiritual Journey to Sideman.

“Experiences is also a great way to unleash economic opportunity for locals,” Airbnb Asia Pacific trips director Parin Mehta said in a press release.

“On the island, Airbnb has emerged as a platform for people to monetize their passions and talents. Our greatest assets are time and potential, and Experiences is a way to unlock that.”

Airbnb Experiences allow a traveler to return home with a unique new skill, talent or passion, which is arguably far better than keychains, fridge magnets or those oddly common phallic-shaped carvings every souvenir store on the island seems to have on sale.

The company has seen a growth in guests wanting to experience all a destination has to offer, away from the gaze of tourist touts and inflated prices.

In the Asia Pacific region, Airbnb has seen an average booking growth of more than 14 times per week, which is brilliant for local Experience hosts and hopeful for the future growth of Airbnb Experiences.