Cocktails afloat a bamboo raft: Could this be the world’s best bar?

Floating bar at Amanpulo Resort in the Philippines. Source: Amanpulo

WHILE enjoying a cocktail, floating on the clear waters of one of the Philippines’ most remote islands, it would be easy to think you were drinking in the best bar in the world.

That’s what travel leaders Conde Nast Traveller think at least. They’ve named the floating Kawayan Bar at hotel Amanpulo, the best bar in the world – and it doesn’t disappoint.

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Located on the secluded island of Pamalican, the small bamboo raft bobs just offshore, offering unrivaled views of the sunsets and glimpses of the marine life below the water.

The remote nature of the island means you won’t be sharing the unique vantage point with hordes of tourists. In fact, nowhere on the island feels crowded and the low-key natural decor of the hotel stays true to the raw untouched appeal of its surroundings.

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While Kawayan Bar at Amanpulo might top the list, it’s certainly not the only floating bar in the Philippines.

Tawhai Floating Bar in Lakawon Island gives a different vibe from the tranquillity of Amanpulo. Dubbed Asia’s biggest floating bar, Tawhai comes complete with sunbathing deck and hammocks for you to kick back and relax.

For a more rustic feel, head to the floating bar just off the coast of Bantanyan Island, Cebu. Boats will ferry you to and from this bamboo shack where both locals and travelers can drink the day away with ocean views.

So, if you like your Bloody Mary with an ocean view and fishy friends, maybe this is the best bar in the world. Just make sure you don’t have too much, as you’ll still have to swim back to shore.