The future is now: Self-driving suitcases are a thing

Travelmate is the first fully autonomous suitcase that follows you. Source: Travelmate

YOU’VE heard of self-driving cars, with the promise they’ll be littering our roads in the near future. Not to be outdone by the automotive industry Well, self-driving suitcases are happening now.

With a big unveiling at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, the self-moving suitcase looks set to storm airports everywhere soon. No longer will you have to lug your luggage, that is so 2017!

The brainchild of California-based tech firm Travelmate Robotics, fully autonomous suitcase can be controlled with a smartphone app and reaches speeds of 11km per hour. It has ability to recognize obstacles and can navigate through large crowds, according to their website.

But it’s not just it’s ability to travel alongside you that makes the Travelmate special. The people behind is call it your “robot companion” as it has plenty of other cool features to aid you on your travels.

For starters, the Travelmate has a touch enabled lock system that uses your fingerprint to open your suitcase. The battery that powers the suitcase can be used to charge almost all electronics through a USB port and a standard electrical outlet, making that 10 percent of battery on your phone a panic of the past.

It also has a built-in scale that will accurately measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents, so you’ll never have to worry about over packing again. And, as a massive relief to anyone who has ever lost their baggage, Travelmate includes a GPS chip that allows you to know the location of it at all times. You can even remove the GPS chip and attach it to other things that you’re prone to misplacing.

It seems carting your suitcase around will soon be a thing of the past as Travelmate isn’t the only motorized suitcase out there.

Modobag have come up with a suitcase that, while not quite as practical as Travelmate, is way more fun.

Dubbed the “world’s first rideable luggage,” Modobag is exactly that – a suitcase you can ride like a tiny motorbike. Even Drake’s a fan.

If you’re rushing for a flight, or even just bored on a lay-over, tiny handlebars sprout from the top of the suitcase, you plonk yourself on the back, kick up your feet and away you go.

Both of these suitcases show changing times in the world of luggage that could revolutionize your travel experience. But if we were forced to choose, the carry-on that can carries you looks like a blast!