Missed out on Mt Fuji due to bad weather? This hotel will let you stay for free

Mount Fuji seen from Lake Yamanaka at dawn. Source: Shutterstock

AS one of Japan’s most iconic views, it’s on the list of many travelers as they pass through the country. But the famous image of the snow-capped peaks of Mount Fuji can also prove to be one of the most elusive.

Given the adverse and unpredictable weather, many sightseers sadly leave disappointed. But one hotel has taken measures to ensure every visitor gets exactly what they came for – at no extra cost.

Guests at one Yamanashi Prefecture’s hotel will get a free stay if they don’t get to see the iconic mountain.

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Visibility is an especially big concern for the guests of Hotel Mount Fuji. As you can guess from its name, the hotel’s main draw is its Fuji views, not only from its guestrooms but also from its rooftop open-air baths.

So, to combat the unruly weather during the first month of the year, the hotel has an offer to avoid all disappointment. Between Jan 9 and 19, if you’re unable to see its peak for at least a minute due to bad weather during your stay, you can come back and stay at the hotel for free at a later date.

It’s certainly a fantastic offer, but needless to say, the details are in the fine print. Only guests who check out between 7 and 11am are eligible for the free return stay.

Also, if you make your booking one day before or show up unannounced with no reservation, then understandably, it’s no dice. The hotel doesn’t want people showing up on a cloudy day just hoping to bag a free night’s stay. And finally, regardless of the grade of your initial room, the free night you’ll be rewarded is for a standard two-person room (though you can upgrade that for an additional fee).

The chance to see the majestic Mount Fuji is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. The fact that this hotel understands its significance and wants to give you a second go at it is a generous offer.