Uber and AirAsia team up as the sharing economy grows


Uber and AirAsia are teaming up to eliminate the dreaded taxi hailing when you get out of the airport. Source AnimalName-Design/Shutterstock.com

AS AirAsia closes a door on some routes, it opens another by partnering with Uber to expand the sharing economy and make customers’ journeys seamless.

Often taxis, buses and local transport can be tricky to navigate in an unfamiliar place, which makes getting to and from the airport all the more stressful. This partnership aims to provide a convenient door-to-door experience in which customers will not have to give a second thought to the airport transfer either side of their trip.

Hoping to go beyond just promo codes and discounted rides, both lift-sharing platform and airline plan to work together on joint marketing schemes and technological integration to provide the very best service to customers.

“Uber is thrilled to partner with AirAsia to offer customers exactly what they’re asking for – a seamless, affordable and convenient travel experience,” Brooks Entwistle, Uber’s chief business officer at Asia Pacific said in a press release.

“By working together, we can provide a service that allows customers to request their Uber ride to the airport in step with their itinerary, and have their Uber driver partner waiting for them when their flight lands. So, whether you’re trying to get home to see your family, or heading to an important business meeting, your travel experience should be seamless, from door-to-door,” he added.

The partnership will be in place in 52 cities across Asia and the US where AirAsia offers routes and the Uber app is available.

AirAsia is to introduce a “deep-link” which will allow Uber to access specific information from the airline about flight schedules which will, in turn, allow them to get ample cars ready for weary and most likely jetlagged passengers to take them to their onward destinations.

And of course, Uber wouldn’t be Uber if they didn’t offer an introductory promo code for new users, so if you are traveling with AirAsia anytime soon, download the app and type in “AIRASIA” to receive a free or discounted ride.