Asia’s 50 Best Bars is coming to Singapore


Get ready for Asia’s biggest bar event, coming to Singapore this summer. Source: Taylor Davidson

ASIA’S most significant bar event is coming to Singapore and it is set to be a night of glamour, award-giving and of course, sipping some of the world’s most spectacular taste fusions.

Asia’s 50 Best Bars awards ceremony is now in its third year of dishing out accolades to Asia’s most brilliant bars.

This year the event will be hosted in Singapore’s Capitol Theatre on May 3, followed by what we imagine to be a raucous after party. However, the location of this has not yet been disclosed, but we’re hedging our bets that it will be held at the venue of last year’s winner – Manhattan.

Featuring at the very top of Asia’s 50 Best Bars list, Manhattan is, of course, famous for its New York-themed signature cocktail.

The spacious bar has a very chic and cool feel to it. The brown Chesterfield sofas and floor-length magenta drapes welcome you to get comfy while you sip on the genius creations from the head barman, Philip Bischoff.

Also, on last year’s list of exceptional bars in Asia are Speak Low in Shanghai, High Fix in Tokyo, Indulge Experimental Bistro in Taipei and The Bamboo Bar at Mo in Bangkok, to name a few.

Omakase and Appreciate in Kuala Lumpur also made the list at number 41. The bar is a teeny speakeasy place run by two leading figures of Malaysia’s burgeoning cocktail scene. This bar is a little hard to find, but when you eventually discover it, don’t be put off by the “no entry” sign hanging on the door.

Signature drinks include Whiskey Cobbler with a pineapple twist and a Tom Collins with sour plum soda.

So how does it work?

The bars are voted on by a group of 200 leaders in the Asian bar scene. All of which have been chosen as judges because of their knowledge and insight of the industry.

These judges are a mixture of drink journalists, industry professionals, mixologists, bartenders, bar owners and people who just really love good cocktails.

Each of the judges is required to create a list of seven bars, in order of their favorites. However, they must explain why, based on experiences they’ve had in the bars in the last one and half years.

Categories don’t really exist within this award scheme yet, but each of the judges must list at least three bars which are outside of their home country.

We can’t wait to see what this year’s event in Singapore is going to stir up.