China offers five-year visa to foreigners of Chinese descent


Those with Chinese descent can enjoy a five-year stay in China on one visa. Source:

ANYONE who has traveled to China will know the process of obtaining a visa is long, expensive, stressful and utterly heart-wrenching if your visa request is denied.

However, China is now reassessing visa restrictions and has begun to make changes by implementing a new visa policy that allows foreigner visitors of Chinese descent to obtain a five-year visa.

There are of course conditions to gaining a five-year entry visa and strict criteria must be met, reported

The criteria states that only those who are Chinese, but have gained additional citizenship overseas, or are the offspring to present or former Chinese Citizens can apply for this new visa.

As part of the process, applicants must first prove their relationship to either a parent, grandparent or ancestor, but no generational-link limit has been set.

Back in January, Public Security Minister Zhao Kezhi announced plans to make it easier for foreign visitors to gain access into China. One of the ways of ensuring this was through not imposing restrictions on the “reasons for visiting” section of the application form.

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This liberal move was specifically aimed at ethnic Chinese people who reside outside of China. Source: Shutterstock

This liberal move was specifically aimed at ethnic Chinese people who reside outside of China.

This new implementation is a vast improvement on the current policy which only grants Chinese foreign visitors residency for one year on a multiple entry-visa.

The new five-year visa will allow those with Chinese descent the opportunity to work, study and stay with family who need their support, without facing deportation.

The policy hopes to engage more overseas Chinese people “to participate in China’s economic development,” Qu Yunhai, the head of the ministry’s bureau of exit and entry administration, was quoted as saying by