Forget Valentine’s Day, enjoy ‘Pal-entine’s Day’ in India instead

Rishikesh, India

Grab some of your friends and take a trip to one of these stunning destinations across India. Source: Shutterstock

VALENTINE’S Day can mark the day you conjure enough courage to declare your love for someone. But for others, it’s just another day spent without that someone special.

If you’re one of those single pringles and not really in the mood for a mingle, then grab some of your friends and take a trip to one of these stunning destinations across India.

Have a well-deserved “Pal-entine’s Day” with your best pals and soak up the sun, culture, and friendship-love on your mini getaway.


Steeped in history, culture and soaked in the glorious Indian sunshine, this region is ideal for chilling on beaches, sipping a cold beer and forgetting about the dating scene.

However, if you feel the universe urging you to go out dancing, there are plenty of places to groove the night away. Who knows? You might even waltz into the path of your one true love.

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If you’re just heading to Goa for a short stay, we suggest spending a morning at Dudhsagar Falls, then Calangute beach for sandy relax in the sun, before heading to Goa’s classy Chronicle bar in the evening for a sophisticated soiree.


Jaipur is wonderful in February. The temperature is just right and the sun is low enough in the sky to get the most out of your day without having to spend most of it diving into air condition shops.

Dubbed the Pink City, Jaipur is home to some of India’s finest historical monuments. There is so much to explore in Jaipur, it will make being in love seem like a triviality.

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While you’re there you have to spend some time admiring the Mughal and Rajput architecture at Jal Mahal, also known as the Water Palace. Originally built as a summer home for the royal family, the place sits on the Mansagar Lake, surrounded by the enchanting Nahargarh Hills.

Take a trip around the varied bazaars in Jaipur to pick up colorful souvenirs, spices and trinkets, then head out for a bite to eat and gorge on delicious Rajasthani cuisine. With varying prices and restaurants, you can choose how slap-up your “Pal-entine’s Day” meal is going to be.


Fancy indulging in some you time on Feb 14? Head to Kasol in Himachal Pradesh for some prime “doing nothing” time.

Described as a budget traveler’s gift from God, Himachal is a fast-growing destination for backpackers and those traveling with tight purse strings.

Kasol is the picturesque village in Kullu that stretches along the river Parvati, perfect for early morning strolls to catch the sun peeping up over the forest which lines the hurrying waters.

Trek through the forest on one of the many trails to see beautiful wildlife. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head to the Pink Floyd Cafe or Mountain Goat Cafe to feast on local delights.


The French Capital of India is a destination full of vibrant colors, but also a place that offers serene sanctity.

The city is gleaming with untouched beaches as well as plenty of seaside promenades to stroll along as the sunsets. When morning beckons, get up that tad bit earlier to admire the stunning sunrise over Bengal Bay.

Take a tour across to Paradise beach island where beauty and tranquillity seamlessly exist. If you’re a keen ornithologist, you can head out onto Osudu Lake to admire migratory birds and other wildlife specific to this area.

Perhaps you prefer being down where the fish live? If so, you can explore the lakes and oceans with a scuba school and get up close and personal with the thriving marine life.

With so much to do, you’ll have little time to think about love and romance.


Full of yoga retreats, ashrams and spas, you can treat yourself to some real pampering. Rishikesh is a superb place to try some multicultural food. Head to Devraj Coffee Corner to taste traditional German bakes and some of the best coffee in the region.

If you want a more authentic culinary experience, head to Chatsang cafe where you can witness the open pan sizzle coming from the kitchen to tantalize you with what’s about to be served.

For an immersive cultural experience, head over to Swary Niwas a Shri Trayanbakshwar Temple to see the 13-story wedding cake-style temple on the east bank of Lakshman Jhula.

Rishikesh is a wonderful place, whether you’re alone, with pals, or loved ones.