Let the music heal your soul: Sound baths in Southeast Asia

Step aside, bubble baths. Make way for these sound baths in Southeast Asia. Source: Shutterstock.

SOUND-HEALING is gradually becoming a staple in yoga studios and wellness centers across the region.

Never heard of it?

Half meditation and half a listening exercise, sound baths use relaxing musical presentations played with Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, and biosonic tuning forks, just to name a few. Participants would lie down and let the sound wash over them, allowing it to work both the physical body and the subtle body to help reduce anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic pain, and even heal depression.

“The sound bath gives the mind a chance to quiet because the mind doesn’t know what’s coming next,” sound practitioner Jamie Ford told Los Angeles Times.

Step aside, bubble baths. Make way for these sound baths in Southeast Asia:

Malaysia: Scientific Sound Asia

Be soothed and relaxed by the therapeutic vibrations from gong, crystal harp, crystal bowls and voice at Scientific Sound Asia in metropolis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Led by qualified Australian-born sound therapist Elizabeth Anne Huxtable, the soothing sounds take you into a deeply relaxed altered state of consciousness, where your busy mind can switch off and blissful peace fills the body. Huxtable is also a musician and a singer, and she has had many years of experience using a range of complementary therapies. For maximum comfort and relaxation during the sound healing journey, mattresses, pillows and blankets will be supplied.

Indonesia: The Golden Space

Founded by Master Umesh H. Nandwani and his partner Sushila Devi, The Golden Space was first started in Singapore in January 2005. Four years later, another center opened in Malaysia before finally reaching Indonesia’s shores in 2016. Like its sibling centers, The Golden Space Indonesia is a transformational, non-religious and universal meditation and healing center. Its vision is to create a culture of oneness with pure unconditional love and light toward mankind, to awaken humanity towards self-discovery, spiritual growth and enlightenment, and ultimately, to create a better world. The center provides workshops, courses, healing and other holistic services, such as sound baths.

Singapore: Reiki Glow

De-stress and find your peace at Reiki Glow in Singapore. For the uninitiated, Reiki is an energy therapy that uses universal life energy to complement other forms of treatment or therapy that one may be undergoing. It works together with the body’s innate healing capabilities, helps to promote and accelerate the body’s natural healing process, and restores balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Reiki Glow hosts self-care evenings where they combine Reiki with a crystal bowl sound bath, featuring six singing crystal bowls that are played in a symphony for 45 minutes.

Thailand: Pure Nature Yoga

Run by certified practitioners Dimitri and Roni Miteff, Thailand’s Pure Nature Yoga facilitates a powerful combination of yoga and sound to provide an authentic experience into mindful practices and wholehearted living. Located at Koh Yao Noi, The center provides transformational yoga, therapeutic yoga and holistic treatments such as sound healing. Pure Nature Yoga uses Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, shamanic sound bath, gong meditation and Taoist healing sounds for their sound healing journeys. Accommodation cost (from US$720 onwards) includes a buffet breakfast, morning and afternoon sessions, workshop, evening event and private treatment. Aside from daily classes, workshops and retreats, the center also offers teacher training and sound baths in private resorts, villas and retreats around Thailand.

The Philippines: White Space Wellness

White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio in Quezon City was founded by trained yoga teachers Abbey Rivadelo and Eileen Tupaz with an aim to create a safe, beautiful and nurturing space in which people could discover the transformative power of yoga and mindfulness. Aside from offering over 45 classes on yoga, pilates, and meditation weekly, White Space Wellness also offers sound healing. For 60 minutes on Mondays from 8.15pm to 9.15pm, the studio takes participants on their sound healing journey with a variety of harmonic and therapeutic sounds using a range of percussive and brass instruments. Participants simply have to turn up in comfortable clothing and lie on a mat for a deep state of relaxation, intuition, reverie and meditation.