Passengers using Changi Airport could face new charges


Singapore is expanding to establish itself as an international aviation hub. Source:

AS CHANGI AIRPORT in Singapore sets its sights on expansion, it looks to passengers to foot the cost of building a new terminal and runway.

It is looking likely that passengers will end up paying around US$10 to US$15 for the privilege of flying to and from Changi Airport. Passengers already in transit and making connecting flights will be expected to pay around half the cost at US$6, reports The Strait Times.

Substantial taxes are already imposed on passengers, such as a US$34 departure tax which includes levying costs for passenger services, a security tax and another tax collected by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

The expansion is taking place to help establish Singapore as an international air hub.

However, the expansion goes far beyond the aesthetics’ of a travelers gaze. Major work will be taking place across a 1,000-hectare site, including the structuring of drains and tunnels which will be used to transport luggage between Terminal 5 (T5) and the already established airport.

Airlines are also expected to contribute to the new build. An increased fee of around 30 percent is set to be imposed on airline parking and landing fees.

The enlargement of the airport is set to exceed the billions of dollars already spent on Terminal 4 which opened in 2017.

However, it does seem as though the construction of T5, the new runway, and additional supporting structures will be a shared cost as the Transport Ministry has declared it will bear a large proportion of the total cost.

Changi Airport Group will also support the expansion by contributing a significant proportion of its annual profits to the build. A sizable statement considering the last financial year saw the group profit around US$600 million after tax.

If all goes to plan and enough passengers pay the new taxes, Singapore could be saying hello to its new terminal and runway by 2030.