Sweet dreams are made of Jeff Goldblum: A very odd hotel request

Hotel Stays

Hotels often do what they can to accommodate guest requests, but this one is pure silliness. Source: Imgur / Cornwallis1

HOTELS are used to strange requests, it’s part of creating a memorable guest experience. If they can pull off these odd requirements, then there is more of a chance of getting a good review and customer retention.

But this most recent request at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel on Orchard Road, may just leave you wondering, “What the blooming heck?”

“My wife has already booked our dinner for two at the pool grill for Feb 16 at 7.30pm,” explained a guest in an e-mail to the hotel. “Our only other request is to have the attached photo of Jeff Goldblum next to our bed.”

That’s right.

A picture of the 65-year-old Jurassic Park actor, who is also known for his roles in Wes Anderson movies and for his one-liner philosophical quotes, such as “It’s mysterious what attracts you to a person,” which has never been more true than in this situation.

hotel stays

The Jeff Goldblum collage made and neatly presented by the hotel. Source: Imgur/ Cornwallis1.

The guest, known only as Elliot, didn’t give an explanation as to why Goldblum was so important to him and his wife’s stay. But this didn’t stop the hotel from going above and beyond to give the man what he wanted.

Not only was there a collage-shrine of Jeff Goldblum pictures on the bed for the guests to admire upon arrival, but also one in the hallway, on the bathroom mirror, atop of the television and a few others dotted around the room for good measure.

Hotel Stays

Source: Imgur/ Cornwallis1

Elliot took to Reddit to explain, “I arrived at the hotel to see a ‘Jeff Goldblum Welcomes Elliott’ collage on my pillow. Nice. 

He also said the request was a joke, but ultimately the hotel failed as the one picture he had asked for didn’t appear among the Goldblum stash.

Daniel Burstein, the hotel’s director of operations, said that his team is used to receiving unusual requests.  

He told The Straits Times, “Our guests come from all over the world, and we will always do our best to accede to their requests and to create brilliant and memorable experiences for our guests.

Source: Imgur/ Cornwallis1

‘We will try our best not to say no. If it’s something we can’t find or are unable to do, we will find an alternative.’ 

But insisted the hotel draws the line at any racially or politically insensitive requests.