Uzbekistan offers 30-day visa-free travel to Indonesians


People visit the historical cemetery of Shahi Zinda, in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Source:

LAST March, Uzbekistan’s Tourism Development State Committee chairman Sharapov Anvar Kurbanovich traveled to Indonesia as part of a state visit to South East Asia.

During the visit, Kurbanovich met with Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Arief Yahya to discuss tourism between the two nations, including the possibility of Uzbekistan launching a free-visa policy for Indonesians who want to visit the central Asian nation but are currently deterred by visa restrictions.

This discussion has now developed into action and this Saturday, Uzbekistan is set to implement a new immigration policy allowing Indonesian’s to travel to and remain in the country for 30 days without needing to apply for a visa. This relaxed visa restriction already applies to those who have passports from South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, and Israel.

The new ruling will also allow cabin crew members, who regularly travel to the country to work, to gain entry without first getting a visa.

Other visa restriction relaxations have also been applied to those traveling from the EU, US, Canada, and other East Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

The current rules deem that those traveling to Uzbekistan need a letter from a law agency or to present travel vouchers upon arrival to enter the country, but this regulation is now being dropped.

Those who do still need to apply for a visa, however, can expect to receive the necessary entry documents within three working days of submitting the application.

As part of the talks last year, Kurbanovich also urged Arief to help Indonesian travel agents to create umrah travel packages, however, this is still yet to eventuate.