All work, no play: Singapore among top vacation-deprived markets

For a country that has such high inbound tourism numbers, Singaporeans sure don’t enjoy going on vacations much. Source: Shutterstock.

SIX in 10 Singaporeans feel vacation-deprived, and last year chose to take fewer days of annual leave than the amount they receive.

This is despite local employers being supportive of vacations.

According to Expedia Singapore’s 2017 Vacation Deprivation Study*, Singapore is among the seven most vacation-deprived markets globally. But that’s not to say they don’t like going away.

Singaporeans are all for taking regular vacations. More than half (53 percent) agree that vacations are important for their general health and well-being, and 66 percent say they mostly come back from vacations more relaxed.

However, almost half (47 percent) of full-time workers take fewer days of annual leave than the amount they receive due to:

  • Their desire to save their leave in case something comes up in the future (45 percent)
  • Their work schedules that do not allow for vacation/insufficient resources to cover the work (37 percent)
  • Difficulty in coordinating time to take a vacation that works with family/partner/friend (30 percent)
  • Their desire to carry their leave over to the next year for a longer vacation (30 percent)

It’s also important to note that Singapore had seven official long weekends from bank holidays in 2017. Ten, if employees knew how to plan their leave around it. This could be one of the reasons why Singaporeans didn’t take that many days of leave last year.

Source: Unsplash.

“In a fast-paced city like Singapore, travel is fast becoming a necessity for one’s personal and professional well-being. While’s 2017 Vacation Deprivation Study revealed that employers in Singapore are largely supportive of employees going on vacations, it was interesting to see that almost half of the employees still do not take advantage of their full annual leave allocation,” Expedia’s General Manager for Southeast Asia and India Simon Fiquet said.

Vacation deprivation is not limited to Singapore alone. It’s on the rise across the globe, with 53 percent of full-time working adults feeling the lethargy.

Asia Pacific leads the pack as the most vacation-deprived region, with South Korea topping the list. According to the study, 81 percent of full-time working adults in South Korea feel deprived of vacations.

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Singapore and South Korea are known for their ultra-competitive academic and work cultures, with high expectations, tight deadlines, and long hours.

*Expedia Singapore’s 2017 edition looked at the vacation habits of more than 15,000 working adults across 30 countries globally. Incorporating insights from 300 full-time working adults in Singapore.