Buying a private island is more affordable than you think

Private Island

Where would you buy a private island? Source: Olga Stalska / Unsplash

EVERYONE loves a good island getaway but have you ever thought of owning your very own private paradiseBefore you say we’re off our rocker, here’s the thing: buying an island is actually less the pipe dream you think it is!

Of course, you’ll need to be somewhat flush with cash or a bit of a miser with your finances. After all, the private-island-owners list currently includes celebrity A-listers like Johnny Depp with his Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas, Celine Dion and her Ili Gagnon in Quebec and Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2.2-mile (3.5km) long island of Blackadore Cay in Belize.

All of these people have fame, wealth and crazy amounts of talent in common and while we’re sure you’re just as talented – you may not yet have sold 220 million albums worldwide or racked up nearly US$500,000,000 at the box office.

But who needs to be an international superstar to buy an island when you can buy one for as little as US$22,000 – that’s right, a whole island for less than a cost of an average apartment in Tokyo, which is around US$3 million, or a Manhattan property, which is a cool US$2 million. And let’s not even get started on West London properties.

So if you’ve got some cash to splash and want your own little slice of heaven in Asia, here’s what your savings could get you:

Nici Island, Philippines – US$400,000

Private islands

A sea view of Nicci Island. Source: Private Island Inc.

Nici Island is in Palawan in the Philippines, just above Culion Island. The sizeable 5.4-acre island is surrounded by sapphire waters and has already been developed, so you can just move straight in.

Listed on Private Island Inc, a realtors website dedicated to those looking to buy a private island, it is described as an income potential with a tennis court, boat pier, two water tanks, generator and a soon-to-be-ready swimming pool.

The house which is perched on top of the small hill has 360-degree views of the surrounding ocean and other islands that share the waters.

Potential buyers don’t have to worry about getting supplies or educating their children either as the main island of Culion is only a 30-minute boat ride away, and has shops and even a college offering literature and tourism bachelor degrees.

Dumunpalit Island – US$3,400,000

Private island

Dumunpalit Island is mostly covered in lush forest and tropical wildlife. Source: Private Islands Inc.

This partially developed island is also located in Palawan, Philippines. The island looks like something created by CGI technology for an action movie, or perhaps the lair of an evil villain.

The 75-acre (30.35ha) island includes golden beaches, emerald forest and the pleasure of the warm South China Sea and the Sulu Sea lapping at the shores.

Dumunpalit is just a short flight from Manila, but you will feel like you’re the only person in the world on this island.

This is the perfect place for nature lovers as the island is full of exotic fruits such as papaya, mangoes, and coconuts as well as beautiful animals such as bumblebees, dragonflies, butterflies and the rare Palawan eagle.

 Tipaemaua, French Polynesia – US$4,634,936

Private Islands

The long thin Tipaumaua Island is surrounded by crystal waters and covered with palm trees. Source: Valdi Private Island

This may be as close to heaven as you can get without dying. This island ticks all the boxes for a proverbial paradise island, cue white sandy beaches, coconut trees, swells of crystal clear ocean blue and sublime tranquillity.

It is located off the east coast of the equally beautiful island of Raiatea. Tipaemaua Island is an impressive 29.65 acres (12ha) and is simply stunning, relaxing and awe-inspiring.

Roy’s Peninsula Wanaka, New Zealand – US$4,400,000

Private Islands

Roy’s Peninsula in New Zealand is an adventurers dream. Source: Vldai Private Islands

If you’re thinking, “yeah glistening waters and sand finer than air is great, but rolling hills and rugged landscapes would be better,” then take a look at Roy’s Peninsula in New Zealand.

While there is no property to move straight into on this peninsula, there is building permission for an elevated residential home, under the conditions that it meets the Outstanding Natural Feature regulations as to not be an eyesore on the beautiful natural landscape.

One lucky peninsular owner could wake up every day to views of the enchanting lake, which lays under the snow-topped peaks. So, grab your boat, your walking boots, and your cheque book and have the adventure of your life.

Aino Island, Japan – US$3,000,000

Private Island

This island hasn’t been lived on for 40 years, but it’s ready for a new owner. Source: Vladi Private Island

It’s common knowledge that property in Japan is expensive, however, it is also commonly known that Japan is made up of over 6,000 islands.

While plenty of them are uninhabited and entirely undeveloped, many others have been built upon and offer private island luxury for sometimes cheaper than buying an apartment in one of the major cities.

Aino Island is located in Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan. The island was inhabited around 40 years ago and remnants of the residency remain, including a well and some of the property.

However, the island is certainly in need of some repair, including to the private pier. But it would be worth it to escape the bright lights of Tokyo and the flock of tourists at other coastal resorts.

So then, with a small glimpse of the kind-of-affordable private islands on offer, do you think you’ll be reaching into your pocket to buy your own little slice of private luxury?