Eat your heart out at Asia’s weirdest restaurants


Asia might be known for its odd satay or super spicy delights, but these restaurants are just whack. Source: Shutterstock

HAVE you ever wanted to spice up dinner time? Perhaps you throw some extra chili into your tom yum soup, or take the cheese souffle out of the oven early because you’re fearless.

Forget the extra ingredients and new timings and head to these peculiarly themed restaurants in Asia to experience a culinary encounter like never before.

Here for your bewildering entertainment are five of Asia’s weirdest restaurants:

Fish for your food

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If you’ve ever had the urge to fish for your food but the constraints of modern day life get in the way, then stroll along to a branch of Zauo in Japan to catch your supper before you can sit down and enjoy it.

Zauo literally translates to “sit and fish”. Staff at the restaurant hand you a fishing rod and point you in the direction of the type of fish you fancy eating, and they let you get on with it.

You can choose from lobsters, red snapper, sea bream and few others. Then you get to choose how you would like it cooked or prepared, from Sashimi to grilled or boiled and deep-fried to sushi. You can even have one fish cooked two different ways if you so prefer.

The philosophy behind the restaurant is to truly appreciate the food you are eating because you’ve gone through the effort of catching it.

Zauo is the main branch, but there are sister restaurants dotted around Japan, so you can catch your own dinner wherever you may be.

Pardon you…

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We can’t begin to imagine what sparked the idea behind this poop-themed restaurant, but they do say that some of your best ideas come to you while sitting on a toilet.

This restaurant is entirely themed around bathroom culture and the mascot is, of course, the poop emoji.

Here you sit on toilets while eating out of toilet bowls and if you opt for the chocolate ice cream for dessert, yep you guessed it, it comes out in true whipped-fecal style.

This is one restaurant where nobody will judge you if you defecate before you fill your plate.

Modern Toilet Restaurant just adds to Taiwan’s already established quirky eateries, such as the Hello Kitty themed diner and the restaurant where everything is made from congregated cardboard.

Slurp and slobber all you want, nobody can see you

At Le Noir in Seoul, the dining experience is about letting four of your senses taste the food before your eyes do.

Sounds crazy right? But we judge our food with our eyes before we taste it. At Le Noir, you eat in complete darkness to allow your other senses to come alive.

The staff here wear night vision goggles so they don’t trip or spill anything on you. But don’t worry, they won’t judge you if you drip food down your shirt or lick your plate.

There are also versions of this restaurant in London and Paris, but the staff at those branches are either visually impaired or totally blind. Incredible!


It’s been hypothesized that robots may take over our jobs, start running countries and ultimately rule the world… but let’s not worry about that right now.

Because Hajime restaurant in Bangkok is combining all the brilliant parts of robotic innovation to create this awesome Japanese restaurant where guests are cooked for by robots, served by robots and cleaned up after by – yep, you got it – robots.

The name Hajime means “beginning” or “first time” and it promises to offer you a taste of the beginning of the future.

The robots normally run smoothly, but if there are any mishaps then human staff are on hand to step in.

Sex education while you dine?

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At Cabbages and Condoms, both in Bangkok and in Chiang Mai, guests can dine while surrounded by an array of fanciful sex toys and condoms.

The peculiarly-themed restaurant was set up to raise awareness of the importance of sex education, family planning and the prevention of STIs.

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All the profits made from the restaurant are donated to local AIDs charities and various safe sex awareness campaigns.

The fun lasts all the way through your meal to when you pay – the cashier gives you condoms with your receipt instead of mints.