The future of travel looks pretty darn cool


The future is often presented with flying cars in it, but this could become a reality soon. Source: Matthew Szlichta / Unsplash

WHILE technology has advanced quicker than any other revolution that has shaped the world we live in, flying cars still remain on the drawing board and in the workshops of scientists.

In movies, cartoon sketches and comic books, flying cars always depict the future. Supersonic sky highways and families living in space have long been the dream of scientists on Earth, and this may soon be the case.

Living in space is still a long way off, but flying cars are very nearly here.

Airbus and automobile design firm ItalDesign have been working together to create an ultra-light pod that will be able to drive on the roads and fly through the sky.

Luxury car makers Audi have just joined the air travel game alongside ItalDesign and Airbus to create a concept called Pop.Up Next for the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

You’re going to want to check this out.

So, how does it work?

The concept fits nicely into the ever-enlarging sharing economy and works much like an Uber, Grab or Ola in that you can simply order it from an app on your smartphone, smartwatch or maybe even telepathically by the time these pods enter the mainstream transports systems.

The pod then rolls up to your location, and you and one extra guest can climb inside for an electronically powered “car” journey.

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But this is one ride you’ll be hoping for traffic. When you hit a jam or need to travel long distances, the inbuilt technology notifies a nearby drone which comes to collect you.

The drone attaches to the top of the pod, which in turn detaches the four-wheeled axis and flies off leaving the skateboard-like wheels free for another flying pod to land.

If the super advanced technology packed into this new type of ride wasn’t already incredible enough in itself, Audi has gone and made it even cooler by putting its super chic-sleek-sexy mark on it.

The signature slim headlights and sharp contours notify any rider or awe-inspired onlooker that Audi has been involved in the design aspect.

Here’s how it works, because honestly and truly, words don’t do it justice.

Come and get us future, we’re ready.