Save money in Singapore with these free activities


A bird’s eye view of one of the Sentosa Beaches in Singapore. Source: Annie Spratt

THE Economist Worldwide Intelligence Unit recently released a report naming Singapore as the most expensive city the world to live in, for the fifth year in a row.

However, it’s not just residents that feel the pinch. It’s travelers too.

For this very reason, it is often avoided by those who are traveling on a budget. But this needn’t be the case.

Not everything in Singapore has to cost an arm and a leg and there are plenty of free things to enjoy in this little nation.

Here are five super fun activities that define the saying, “the best things in life are free.”

Relax at one of Sentosa’s beaches

If you’re feeling tired from all the city-exploring, then head to one of Sentosa’s beaches to enjoy sea, sand and green spaces.

Palawan beach, in particular, is pretty awesome. The beach has a suspension bridge linking it to the southernmost point of Continental Asia which is also the closest point to the equator.

The beachfront has shops and a quaint restaurant to escape the midday sun in favor of some tasty delights.

Catch a free movie under the stars with MovieMob

Although the movies here might not be the most recent releases, they are still classics.

MovieMob runs intermittent film nights on the weekends and they usually have a theme to go along with them.

The most recent one was I Still Do in conjunction with Valentine’s day. Movie viewers were encouraged to bring along picnic goodies and sit back to watch Cinderella find her prince charming – cute.

Find out when the next free movie night is here.

Get all your souvenirs in one place – for free

Singapore’s Really Really Free Market is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. It sort of works as a yard sale, but the difference is that everything is free.

Anyone with items they’re looking to get rid of can pitch up. Then browsers can take what they wish.

Although traditional souvenirs aren’t displayed here, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick a quirky gift or two.

Find out when the next Really Really Free Market is here.

Explore Lorong Buangkok – the last kampong

Often, Singapore is thought of as a sprawling metropolis with gleaming malls and incredible art installations.

But long before this was the case, Singapore used to be a sleepy fishing region where communities could be found living in kampongs (villages).

The last remaining kampong is Lorong Buangkok and it’s entirely free to explore. Stroll the narrow street lined with tin houses and get speaking to the locals who still remember what Singapore was like before the cosmopolitan city was built.

Gardens by the Bay – obviously

It is almost rude not to visit Gardens by the Bay when in Singapore. The park resembles an alien landscape and is dominated by the Supertree which plays home to over 300 species of plants.

The trees light up at night in an array of greens, violets, pinks, oranges, and yellows – the perfect city rainbow.