The Philippines welcomes the Sheikh of Shawarma


A lady tucks in to a stuffed pitta bread. Source: Shutterstock

DESPITE their Instagram page stating, “Shawa Wama… coming ‘soon’ to some mall near, or far away from, you”, if you’re lucky enough to be living in Makati City in the Philippines, then a Shawa Wama store will actually be coming to a mall near your very soon.

The Power Plant Mall at the Rockwell Centre in Makati is gearing up to welcome The Moment Group’s newest concept pop-up store at The Mess Hall in the mall.

Shawa Wama is a fun take on saying shawarma, the popular Mediterranean comfort food consisting of rich marinated beef with plenty of fresh, crisp salad and a ripe jalapeño for good measure.

The new store will be conveniently located close to the mall’s cinema. So, we suspect you might scrap the popcorn and soda in favor of a box full of divinely-filled pitas.

“It’s our first take-out forward brand,” The Moment Group brand and project development officer Edgardo Bautista told Spot. “It’s a very small restaurant with only around 15 to 18 seats, and it is mostly grab-and-go.”

While the traditional shawarma consists of beef, lettuce, tomatoes and sometimes red cabbage and pickles, Shawa Wama wants to make its dishes bolder and burst with flavor.

Choose from beef, chicken or red beetroot falafel to be stuffed in warm pita pockets. On top of that, you can get crispy coleslaw, fries, tahini hummus and one of the incredible sauces too.

Go for mild green finger chili, hot red bird’s eye chili, white garlic or lemon garlic sauce. Hey, why not toss them all in and create your own hot, garlicky, tangy sauce while you’re at it?

If you’re doing a carb-free thing, don’t worry. Shawa Wama’s got your back.

Indulge in Middle Eastern delights without the pita and opt for scrummy toppings such as deep-fried falafel balls or char-grilled cauliflower over rice or hummus.

You needn’t worry about walking and eating or even transporting it home as Shawa Wama has put thought and ingenuity into the vibrant packaging.

Instead of having a nuisance flip open lid that flicks back over your meal as you try to eat, Shawa Wama has an easy-to-rip-off corrugated lid.

The lining of the container has also been reinforced to ensure your dinner doesn’t seep out before you can enjoy it.

The restaurant is expected to open on March 26, but keep an eye on the Instagram page for updates.