This could be the reason you’re desperate to travel

There are so many places to discover, why be content in you hometown? Source: Valeria Andersson / Unsplash

HAVE you ever spoken to someone who doesn’t have the urge to travel the world, and thought “But why not?”

Not everyone wants to spread their wings and discover the enchanting corners of the world. But that’s ok because they may not possess the “wanderlust gene” also known as DRD4-7R.

Yep, that’s right. There is a gene that only 20 percent of the world’s population has. It makes you want to fly off and discover other cultures, try amazing food, learn languages, meet interesting people and create memorable stories.

For those who have the gene, traveling feels like a way of life as opposed to an annual getaway.

This feeling is embedded into your DNA, the desire to see the world runs through your veins like the oxygen that keeps you alive.

Conforming to the daily grind and feeling restless in one place is just temporary, yet necessary measures people with the gene must take in order for their bank accounts to match the lust for travel in their heart.

The gene is associated with dopamine levels in the brain, the chemical that controls feelings of lust, love, motivation, attention, learning, addiction, curiosity and restlessness.

Carrying the DRD4-7R gene could explain why after an adventurous trip to a new destination, you’re still wanting to discover more.

The gene is also related to fearlessness in trying new things and taking risks that others would deem “not worth it”.

So, if you’ve got a curiosity that not only urges you to travel the globe, but also to swim with sharks, kayak in alligator infested waters and try skydiving while you’re at it, then the DRD4-7R gene is probably the reason why.

“The wanderlust gene is so powerful. It appears that the DRD4 gene is more predominant in the traveling type of person,” Dawn Maslar, a biologist from Kaplan University told Conde Nast Traveler.

“Dopamine is the liking hormone, and when you want to get more, it doesn’t sate you – you get hooked.”

While your bank balance may not always allow you trot around the globe, never suppress your desire to travel.

Simply dream, plan, work hard and save to create the adventure you’ve always craved.

Indulging your curiosities is no bad thing – it’s in your genes.