Totoro fans listen up, we’ve got a tasty surprise for you


A lady poses next to a cut out of beloved Studio Ghibli character, Totoro. Source: Shutterstock

NOT TOO FAR FROM TOKYO, the small quiet suburb of Setagaya-Daita is home to a unique bakery that is sure to get Studio Ghibli fans jumping for joy.

The Tolo Coffee & Bakery can be found in the most idyllic little setting and appears as though it has been perfectly designed to look as though it’s jumped straight out of anime director and Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki’s fantasy world.

The cute two-story house homes a bakery and cafe where all the fresh products are sold and eagerly devoured.

There are a few wooden tables inside the cafe and additional seating outside underneath the luscious trees, perfect for a spot of an afternoon snack as the cool spring breeze whistles through the trees.

The menu here is dinky but delicious with delights such as fresh pasta and seasonal salads. But the main event has to be the specially baked Totoro cream puffs.

The cute little cream-filled crispy pastry has been perfectly baked to resemble the adorable Totoro. A little button nose, wide eyes, and sweet hair accessories have all been added to create possibly the greatest anime-inspired bake of all time.

Choose from custard and cream, chocolate, chestnut, and raspberry and cream cheese. If you want to try them all but you’re full then you can take some home from the bakery downstairs.

Make sure you get there early though as the cafe tends to fill up pretty quickly. But if you’re not an early bird then don’t panic as there is a one-hour maximum stay limit, so a table will free up soon enough.

You can find the bakery and cafe at 5-3-1 Setagaya-Daita, Tokyo, Japan 155-0033 and dine on these cute little delicacies between 10:30am and 7pm, from Wednesday to Monday.