This Indian airport is best in the world for service quality


The sun sets over Delhi and turns the sky a tranquil yellow. Source: Shutterstock

DELHI’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has been ranked best in the world for service quality, claiming the top spot for the first time in the over 40 million passengers per annum (MPPA) category.

A staggering 63.5 million passengers traveled through the airport in 2017, meaning it overtakes Singapore’s Changi and South Korea’s Incheon airport in terms of passenger growth. The airport is also now the 7th busiest in Asia in terms of passenger traffic and within the top 20 busiest in the world.

With such high passenger frequency, it could be excusable for an airport to sometimes miss the mark when it comes to providing excellent experience and service. But as the rankings show, this isn’t the case for Delhi’s airport.

The rankings were pulled together by the Airports Service Quality (ASQ) programme, which collects the data directly from the passengers themselves, so there is no room for airport teams to quickly scrub up their act before inspection.

On top of that, it is also the only global survey that measures satisfaction while passengers are at the airport and on the day of travel – so their experience is fresh and untainted. To build the rankings, the survey questions passengers on 34 key performance indicators, including airport access, check-in, security screening, restrooms, stores, and restaurants.

The benchmarking programme is run by Airports Council International (ACI), a non-profit that represents 74 percent of the world’s biggest international airports. ACI represents airports’ interests with governments and international organizations, as well as provides training to raise the standard of airports across the world.

Responding to the recently released rankings for 2017, Delhi Airport Ltd CEO I Prabhakara Rao said:

“These achievements reiterate our commitment towards fulfilling our Hon’ble Prime Minister’s ‘Make in India’ mission and also act as a constant catalyst to create a new paradigm of passenger experience.

“In the fast-changing landscape of worldwide aviation, ACI-ASQ benchmarking programme is the key for understanding how to enhance passenger satisfaction and improve business performance.”

The accolade of the best airport for service quality comes at a time when the Delhi airport is heading into another expansion. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Prabhakara said construction on the new building would not majorly affect service at the airport.

“I can assure that during the expansion work, the convenience of passengers will not be compromised. Of course, there will be some bottlenecks, but it will be manageable,” he said.

Apart from great service, what else is there to enjoy at Delhi International?

In 2010, the Delhi Airport opened Terminal 3 for international flights. It is one of the biggest terminals in the world and has displays of enchanting Indian culture dotted around the airport.

These include an entire wall of Mudra therapy hand gestures which are famous in Indian dancing and Hindu religion. The hand gestures convey different messages and can help you to relax while on a potentially hectic journey.

Try joining the tip of the thumb with that of the index finger to form a comfortable alignment. This is beneficial for relaxation and combating anxieties. If you forget, just simply head over to the brass wall display.

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There is also a brass mother and baby elephant and vibrant artworks adorning the walls in the terminal.

As well as these inspiring artworks, travelers looking to grab some grub before a flight also have a wealth of food options to choose from at the airport.

With delights from Grid Bar and its lip-smacking snacks, Berco’s appetizing Chinese and Thai food, and sweet treats from Haagen Dazs and Cream Bells to name a few, passengers won’t be needing to ask for any extra in-flight snacks.