Wild boar head, pet dog among weirdest items stolen from hotels


Towels often go missing from hotels but who would take a boar’s head? Source: Keem Ibarra / Unsplash

IT IS usual to take a few freebies from a hotel room, a little shampoo bottle here and there and a handful of the yummy infused teas.

But would you be surprised if we told you grand pianos and wild boar heads were among the weirdest things stolen for hotels?

This truly did happen in a UK hotel based in Birmingham. Staff at Hotel du Vin had to temporarily restrain an intoxicated guest after he was found trying to dismount a stuffed boar’s head from the wall.

“He was rather embarrassed and worse-for-wear,” Adam Thompson, a manager at the hotel told The Telegraph. “A few weeks later some of his friends came back and bought the object from us as a wedding present for him – we donated the money to charity.”

An inebriated hotel guest who meant no harm is one thing, but one couple staying in a former Forte Posthouse hotel had no “under the influence” excuses when it came to explaining their stealing incident.

It was reported that the couple had requested a room near the hotel’s carpark. They then proceeded to slip the entire room’s contents out of the window and into their car.

This included the bedding, curtains, kettle, and even the toilet seat.

But taking premeditated theft a step further was the men dressed in overalls who strolled into a Starwood Hotel and wheeled out the lobby’s grand piano, never to be seen again.

Talk about trusting an authority figure, or at least, those who appear to be.

In another particular case of “maybe we should have asked to see identification first”, a man managed to steal an entire marble fireplace from the well-known Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel.

Perhaps the costliest steal on this list, however, is the US$300,000 Andy Warhol artwork which was stolen from Hong Kong’s W Hotel.

However, without a doubt, the saddest hotel theft was revealed through a survey by Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine which stated a little pet dog belonging to the hotel owner was stolen from a UK property.

According to a survey by Hotels.com, Argentinians are the most likely to steal a souvenir from their hotel rooms as 73 percent said they would nab a “souvenir”, not including toiletries.

Trailing just slightly behind them are Singaporeans, Spanish, and Germans. However, Argentina’s South American neighbors up in Columbia feature low down on the list alongside Norway, South Korea, Hong Kong and Denmark.

While toiletries are there for the taking, you really need to be careful about unleashing your inhibitions as guests have been charged with theft for stealing what they may consider being gifts.

A young couple from Japan were arrested for running off with bathrobes and an ashtray. And a woman in Nigeria was sentenced to three months in prison for stealing two towels from the Transcorp Hilton Abuja Hotel.

Prison is an unlikely penalty to pay for your petty hotel theft, but the charges will ultimately end up on your credit card.

So, you’re probably better off just heading down to your local home store and grabbing a bargain there.

Would you dare take a “gift” from your hotel room?