Asia’s beautiful, bright, bizarre cabin crew uniforms

Cabin Crew Uniforms

Cabin crew uniforms have hit new heights in terms of style. Source: Etihad Airlines

HOSTESSES, stewards, pursers, trolley dollies, waiters in the sky, agents, comfort engineers.

Whatever you refer cabin crew as..they are usually recognizable by the immaculate uniforms adorned by preened stewards and stewardesses.

The heads of customers buying their last-minute duty-free items turn as cabin crew walk in graceful formation through the airport.

Little children’s eyes light up and often a husband receives a tap followed by “Put your eyes back in your head dear” and vice-versa, of course.

Some airlines have moved with the times and are constantly evolving the crew’s uniform to match the style of the new age, digitally connected traveler.

It’s no secret either that cabin crew must adhere to strict uniform rules when it comes to hairstyles, make -up and the condition of their uniform.

We take our hats off to them for always looking a million dollars while serving 200 meals and dealing with sick travelers.

To honor their hard work, let’s look at Asia’s most beautiful cabin crew uniforms. We might throw in a bizarre one too, just for a good chuckle.

Cathay Pacific

This airline has just declared that its female staff, cabin crew and ground agents no longer need to wear skirts at work.

After 70 years, the Hong Kong-based carrier has listened to the calls of their female workers and agreed to give them the option of wearing trousers after next year’s uniform revamp.

While there are no firm details on what the next uniform will look like, here are some pictures of cabin crew’s current uniform for your speculative enjoyment.

Hainan Airlines

In 2017, Hainan Airlines revealed its new oh-so-chic and incredibly elegant cabin crew uniforms.

The airlines blended high fashion couture with traditional Chinese dress called the cheongsam.

Last year marked the sixth time the airline had revamped its uniforms since its founding in 1993 and it is certainly the most beautiful yet.

The signature grey tones have been paired with a blue and white print of clouds, sea, and mountains.

The mythical Roc bird also features on the dress and symbolizes strength in Chinese culture.

As for the male cabin crew, an attractive Mandarin collar suit with a thick double breasted overcoat can be worn.


Qantas has just made the world’s first nonstop flight from Australia to London, and business travelers and frequent flyers can be heard rejoicing all over the world.

Qantas also has chic uniforms to go with its new high-flying reputation.

For female staff, the simple black bodycon dress has two strands of red and pink fabric diagonally going across the left shoulder, with a cute little neckerchief completing the outfit.

It hasn’t always been this way though. When Pucci designed the uniforms, which lasted from 1974 until 1985, passengers were greeted with rainbow adorned staff in clashing colors and wild prints. See for yourself.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has been rocking the same uniform since 1968. The cabin crew uniform is the longest serving in aviation history, because why would you need to change something so beautiful.

Known as “Singapore Girl” the uniform is a stylish take on the traditional Malaysian sarong kebaya dress.


Possibly one of the most iconic cabin crew uniforms around the world, with the red hats, cream scarves, and beige suits.

However, the actual uniform is much more than the clothes the staff wear.

The cabin crew is encouraged to carry out the traditional seven-step make up routine which involves matching their lipstick to the iconic red hat and making sure their foundation perfectly matches their skin tone.

Nails must be painted in French manicure or the red of the hat also.

The men must have short groomed hair, be clean-shaven and have trimmed nails.

Korean Air

The white and blue uniforms of Korean Air was crafted by Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré.

The enticing white and pastel blue uniforms are completed with a cute little neckerchief and a traditional binyeo hairbow which wraps around a neat little bun.

In 2005, Korean Air launched its “Employee Friendly” uniform, which gave cabin crew the option of wearing trousers or skirts with a shirt and fitted blazer.

Classy and chic. We love it.

Thai Airways

The cabin crew uniforms at Thai Airways are in true keeping with the airline’s slogan of “Smooth and Silk”.

The female uniforms combine traditional and modern Thai characteristic, such as Thai silk woven fabric and a fresh flower brooch which is pinned on the left side of the silk sash.

Thai Airways also has an in-flight uniform change policy so on long-haul journeys, passengers will see a myriad of uniforms, all in keeping with the silky slogan.

SriLankan Airlines

The new uniform was introduced to the airline back in 2010 to symbolize new beginnings for the nation that had suffered greatly during the 25 years of civil war.

The new uniforms conform to the iconic peacock logo of the airline, sure to bring a bright smile to any passenger’s face.

Female cabin crew wear the native national costume of the osariya dress while the men adorn a western black suit.


You can’t have a list of beautiful uniforms and not include the stylish Etihad Airways cabin crew dress.

Designed by Italian couturier, Ettore Bilotta, Etihad Airways’ uniforms mix 1960s Paris high fashion with snippets of inspiration from London and New York fashion.

The brown or purple berets perfectly top off an outfit of sleek pencil skirts, cream blouses and colorful neckerchiefs for the female staff.

The airline was only launched in 2003 but already has the reputation of being the best in the world, and of course, it needed a uniform to match it.

Cebu Pacific

We don’t claim to be fashion experts, but Cebu Pacific airlines cabin crew uniforms look more suited to the golf course than they do the sky.

Cebu Pacific is going for the casual, comfortable, fresh and polished look with uniforms which were launched late last year.

Denim and yellow are the two main factors in this uniform, but taking it one step further are the blue plimsoles…

Can you tell this is the bizarre one we were referring to?

Wherever you’re flying with whichever airline, make sure you take note of the cabin crew uniforms because a lot of thought has gone into them. Happy flying!