Don’t let your guard down on a business trip

Business trip

A woman stands by a hotel window, about to face the day. Source: shutterstock

Nine times out of 10, your hotel stay will go off without a glitch.

Where it is a short city break or luxurious week-long vacation, hotel staff will do everything they can to ensure a comfortable stay.

But traveling for business is a little different.

Often business travel means early starts, working on the way to the airports, in the terminal and now thanks to in-flight WiFi, you’ve got the pleasure of working even when you’re cruising at 40,000 feet in the sky.

By the time you arrive at your destination, the likelihood is that you’ll be exhausted, weary and ready for a scotch on the rocks at the hotel bar.

But you can’t afford to relax just yet.

Here are a few tips from seasoned business travelers on how to ensure a safe hotel stay.


It’s wise to always keep your luggage nearby, especially if you’re in a new place.

Hotel lobbies can be busy places and unless you’re certain a bellhop works there, don’t risk handing your luggage over to a stranger.

Before you know it, someone else could be wearing your favorite.

There’s no harm in asking

It’s always worth requesting a room a few floors up. This way, opportunist thieves won’t have the chance to sneak through a partially opened window.

If for some silly reason the receptionist announces your room number across the check-in desk, kindly request a new room – you don’t know who’s listening.


Business travel mostly involves skipping across the globe on your own and while this may be a welcome break for the routine of home life, it means nobody is watching out for you.

When you’re in the hotel room, always keep the bolt across the door. Even if it is just to ensure a confused room cleaner doesn’t enter by mistake.

To safe or to not to safe?

Hotel safes are much like aircraft life jackets – you probably won’t need them, but they’re there just in case.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So when you’re off out, be sure to leave your gadgets and travel documents in there.

However, some hotels have this odd habit of not securing safes to anything. Equally, if you’re not certain of the safe’s safeness, lock away your valuables in the hotel safe instead.

Often, hotels won’t take any liability for items left in a room’s safe but will for their own.

Make sure you get a receipt for your things and don’t forget them upon checkout.

A few other things

Whether you’re in the room or gallivanting around the nearby conference centers, leave the “do not disturb” sign on your door.

It will deter thieves and prevent room cleaners from seeing what you got up to the night before…

Also, always travel with a door wedge. Not only is it a great conversation starter at airport security but it also adds extra security while you’re in the room.


Do not touch the TV remote, it is guaranteed to be filthy. Instead, give it a wipe and wrap something around it, such as a flannel, then scroll to your heart’s content.

We look out for your immune system at Travel Wire Asia too.