Everything we know about Malaysia Airlines’ new digital initiatives

Malaysia Airlines techs up to enhance its passengers’ travel experience with three new digital initiatives. Source: Shutterstock.

FREQUENT FLYERS on Malaysia’s national carrier are in for a treat as the airline just launched three new digital initiatives to enhance passenger travel experience.

The tech upgrade is a long time coming for Malaysia Airlines as the company has been prioritizing its investment in digital advancement over the past year.

“Our studies show a continuous trend of mobile-first in aviation. More than half of Malaysians prefer to plan, research and book their trips via mobile,” The Edge Markets quoted Malaysia Airlines chief commercial officer Arved von zur Muehlen as saying.

“This shows that passengers are more self-sufficient and they want more control over their travels.”

The three digital initiatives – MHguardian, MHfeedback and Facebook Messenger BOT MHChat – is also supported by Malaysia Airlines’ improved website.

Here’s what we know about the apps so far.


This ready for download mobile app allows travelers to share their feedback anonymously on their experience with the airline.

Passengers can type in their feedback, rate the airline’s service, or upload photographs of areas that they feel require improvements through artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive services.

Source: Google Play Store.

The feedback will then be analyzed for sentiment and directed to the responsible service unit.

Muehlen assured the images and comments submitted are classified.


MHChat, on the other hand, is an interactive Facebook Messenger bot that enables Malaysia Airlines’ passengers to make bookings, payments and retrieve passengers’ flight itinerary.

For the uninitiated, “bot” is a term used to describe an app or software that performs an automated task.

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“Malaysia Airlines is the first airline in Asia to allow users to book flights and process payments through Facebook Messenger,” Muehlen said.

MHChat will be available to use by the second quarter of 2018.


Parents and guardians will soon have a peace of mind whenever they bundle their young ‘uns off on a Malaysia Airlines flight.

“This mobile app was the winning idea of Malaysia Airlines’ 2017 Hackathon,” Muehlen said.

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The MHguardian mobile app enables parents or guardians to track unaccompanied minors through their travel with the airline. It will also be extended to support unaccompanied elderly passengers and passengers who require special assistance.

MHguardian is targeted to be launched by the third quarter of 2018.

The airline’s improved website also has a “manage booking” tool which allows for easier changes and refunds, dynamic currency conversion and a new Enrich members’ portal.

This is on top of a range of value-added services including car rentals, hotel bookings, Takaful insurance and so on. Malaysia Airlines’ in-flight shopping is available for order online as well.

Three or four more digital initiatives will be introduced this year.