Here’s a ‘sticky’ hack to increase your passport’s lifespan

Passenger holds up a passport before boarding. Source: Shutterstock

RUNNING out of pages in your passport might not be exactly what you asked for, contrary to Drake’s claims.

Any frequent traveler will know that often a multitude of stamps are inked into passports to declare how long someone can stay in the country and for immigration officers to quickly identify the movements of a passenger.

Despite the travel-bragging rights passports give you, once all the pages are used up, there is nowhere to put visas. This ultimately means you’ll incur a hefty cost to get a brand spanking new one.

How do you solve this issue?

According to Chris Chamberlin of Australian Business Traveller, the best way to make your passport last longer is by popping a few sticky notes inside the blank pages and simply asking for the immigration office to stamp elsewhere.

Most nations require at least one whole page to paste a visa into, but some countries request up to four blank pages.

“Some smile, some laugh and some say nothing at all, but whatever their approach, the interaction has always finished with their stamp being placed somewhere other than those valuable blank pages: typically, near other stamps to maximize space, which I always appreciate,” added Chamberlin.

Chamberlin reckons the polite sticky note trick has prolonged him from applying for a new passport for at least two years.

However, by absolutely no means should you ever write on the physical pages of your passport “even in pencil, because doing so could render your passport defaced and invalid if you encounter a particularly zealous immigration official” Chamberlin wrote.

Take that, Drake.