How to get a free upgrade, according to a 9-year-old


It’s a dream to fly first class, and this kid knows just how to get here. Source: Shutterstock

SOMETIMES, if you’re brave enough to ask for an upgrade on your flight, a kind check-in assistant may grant your wish.

But nine-year-old Jasper Francis from Australia unknowingly devised his own method to acquire that elusive upgrade. He went old school and wrote an adorable letter.


“Dear Jetstar, my name is Jasper Francis and I am nine years old and l live an hour outside of Melbourne,” the letter reads in brilliant handwriting.

“I was just wondering whether kids are allowed to fly business class by themselves? I am saving my pocket money to get an upgrade on our flight: MEL-BKK on your Boeing 787 Dreamliner” he adds.

“So far I have saved 185, how much more do I need to save? Yours sincerely, Jasper.”

Jasper’s letter was so polite, inquisitive and unsuspecting that the staff who received it wanted to make this little boy’s dream come true.

Because he was a few bucks short of the dosh needed to purchase a business class ticket, the staff at JetStar clubbed together their AU$50 vouchers they received from the company at Christmas and surprised him upon boarding.

A special tour of a Dreamliner was also organized for young Jasper and the chance to meet one of the airline’s most senior pilots.

The young author of this letter also enclosed a drawing of the plane they were flying on and expressed wishes to become a pilot one day.


Can you do something nice for the cabin crew?

These kind gestures also work the other way around as you can give the cabin crew some tokens of appreciation.

However, don’t think slipping a US$10 into a flight attendant’s palm will get you an upgrade, it will probably just mean you get the last cold meal on the trolley.

The best way to give a gift is to buy something small and shareable in duty-free, and personally deliver it to the staff at the galley.

If no one is there or you don’t want to cause a fuss, simply write something such as, “Thanks from my seat 22A”.

You’ll be the first to receive a glass of fizzy champagne as it’s scooted through the aisle.