Universal Studios invites ‘Stranger Things’ fans to the ‘Upside Down’

Universal studios Singapore

People through the entrance of USS. Source: Shutterstock

STRANGER THINGS hit our screens back in 2016. Sci-fi and non-sci-fi lovers alike came together to watch the epic tale of a young group of friends experience some super creepy paranormal events.

After the show gained critical acclaim and amassed a loyal following, fans couldn’t wait for the second series which aired earlier this year.

Although it had a relatively happy ending, Stranger Things enthusiasts are still craving more from the chaotic world of Hawkins, Indiana.

And now thanks to Universal Studios Singapore (USS), fans can get their Demogorgon fix at the Halloween Horror Nights event taking place between September and October.

Cue sighs of disappointment because it’s months away, but tickets are selling faster than Eleven can get her friends out of a sticky situation.

The horror night will host an all-new Stranger Things-themed haunted house for guests to explore.

Whether you’re an avid watcher of the hit Netflix series, have had an occasional glimpse as a partner watches it, or you’ve bizarrely never seen it, the haunted house will still send chills down your spine.

The set is reportedly inspired by season one, which contains the iconic flashing Christmas lights in the Byres’ home which were used to communicate with Will Byers.

Guests will also be able to experience the Upside Down which is where Will was trapped in season one.

The haunted house will also offer “surprising twists and unexpected turns around every corner.”

We think these surprises may be squawking Demogorgons hiding around every turn in the house, waiting to make you scream.

For those of you not too enthused at the prospect of walking around a mega-creepy sci-fi set, rest assured that USS will put on other (less scary) activities and events such as Zombie Laser Tag.

Check out USS’s full website to see what’s going on in the park from now until then. And make sure you snap up some of those first release tickets before they sell out.