Why is Ubud Food Festival important for Indonesia?

Ubud food festival

Ubud food festival is will host 100 chefs, farmers, restaurateurs, foodpreneurs, social enterprise founders and outstanding innovators from 17 countries. Source: #UFF18

UBUD FOOD FESTIVAL (UFF) 2018 is kicking off this weekend and set to be an event full of fantastic flavors, experimental cooking, intriguing workshops, insightful talks and plenty of sampling traditional and progressive dishes.

The organizers have certainly packed in a full schedule.

Guest can watch cooking demonstrations at the Kitchen Stage and Teater Kuliner as well as attended special events in some of Ubud’s most magical dining destinations.

There will also be intimate masterclasses where “trainees” can learn from some of the best chefs on the planet.

Food tours, films, live music, markets and more are also waiting to be experienced at the festival.

If you’re going on a budget or you’ve put a bit aside to do and try everything, then don’t fret as the festival reflects every budget and taste.

“Showcasing Indonesia’s diverse cuisines, unique local produce, and culinary heroes both emerging and established, UFF celebrates the archipelago’s rich culinary heritage and the exciting future of its food industry,” UFF founder Janet DeNeefe told Travel Wire Asia.

UFF wants to put Indonesia firmly on the culinary map of Asia and create an awareness around each tantalizing dish, “unlike the cuisines of other Asian nations such as Vietnamese, Thai, and Korean, Indonesian food isn’t as well known internationally,” DeNeefe added.

“The UFF strives to share Indonesian food with the world. Through dynamic collaborations and in-depth discussions, the UFF connects Indonesian industry professionals with their international counterparts, to foster networking and knowledge exchange.”

In particular, the free Teater Kuliner cooking demonstration stage will be a focal point of the event. Here, talented chefs take guests on a culinary voyage of lesser-known regional cuisines, such as the foraged foods of the Papuan highlands and the highland of West Timor.

Equally, the free Food for Thought panel events will insightfully and descriptively inform guests of the issues Indonesian farmers face and tackle pressing issues such as the rice crisis, food sovereignty and improving livelihoods of those who supply food.

UFF is undoubtedly going to be an enthralling event for Indonesia, one where guests can learn new skills, understand more about the stunning archipelago’s heritage and explore ways to combat issues within the food industry.

The food scene is rapidly evolving as UFF International Program Consultant Jayden Mackenzie reminds us, “The conversation in kitchens has changed from ‘This is how we do it here’ to ‘What if we did this with that?'”.

This rhetoric will be displayed all around the festival as guests witness experimental cooking, flavor fusions, the genius collaboration of culinary minds bending the kitchen rules and of course, questioning traditional industries to try to find sustainable and successful solutions to growing industry-related issues.

Want to be part of this awesome event? You can still purchase tickets via the website.