World’s first Matcha themed cruise launches in Asia

Cruising is a multi-billion dollar industry, niche-cruises included. Source: Shutterstock

IT’S Matcha mayhem in Japan as a green-tea themed cruise sets sail.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water and one of its many variants is Matcha, a bitter tea powder with energizing properties, often sweetened.

Originating from Japan (via Zen Buddhist monks from China), Matcha is already wildly popular as a drink and food flavor in Asia and recently burst onto the Western cafe scene.

But it is Hong Kong-based cruise company World Dream which is taking Matcha experiences to the next level.

World Dream has just announced the Matcha-themed cruise available to guests on the two and five-night cruises between April 29 and June 14, 2018.

World-renowned Japanese and Hong Kong-based Nakamura Tokichi Honten cafe will be supplying Matcha goodness for the cruises.

This is the first time the 163-year-old teahouse has collaborated with World Dream cruises, but we suspect it won’t be the last.

Guests traveling on the five-night cruise departing from Hong Kong and Nansha in Guangzhou will get to explore the ports of Naha and Miyakojima on the Island Gems of Japan tour.

The Dream Cruises x Nakamara Tokichi Honten Matcha tea set package provides guests with delicious bites including Matcha cream puffs, cream rolls, and cheesecakes, with tasty swigs of Matcha lattes and teas to wash it all down.

But the Matcha bonanza doesn’t end there. World Dream have planned Japanese tea tasting workshops, a Tea Kabuki – a traditional Japanese theatrical dance, and awamori tastings to introduce cruisers to Japan’s oldest distilled spirits.

Fortunately, there is plenty of other activities to enjoy on board such as handcrafted Kimono workshops and Japanese carp making to keep guests busy as we suspect the all the Matcha delights will have them wired.

What other themed cruises can you go on?

If Matcha isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps one of these other elaborately themed voyages would suit you better?

Star Trek: The Cruise

Star Trek fans have their fair share of space-themed events each year across the globe with Supercons, comic cons and fiction cons.

But now fans of the cult sci fi series can take to the waters twice a year for seven days to experience an immersive world of Star Trek on board a luxury cruiseliner, surrounded by actors from the Star Trek films and TV shows, and other Trekkies alike.

Zombie Cruise 

Another critically acclaimed TV show makes its mark in the cruising world. This time it’s with The Walking Dead theme on the walker stalker ship.

On this four-day cruise, fans can escape the undead and party on the Norwegian Pearl, meet the show’s actors and creator, participate in cosplay and dance all night long to soundtracks from the show and other electrifying beats.

Clothing optional cruise

Often nudists are segregated to a certain part of the beach, but these types of cruise allow the clothes-free-celebrators to roam around an entire ship letting it all hang loose.

Castaway Travel is one of the cruise operators curating packages for single nudists looking to meet new pals, as well as couples reigniting their fire.

Ghost Hunter’s cruise

Unlike the Walking Dead cruise based on a fictional story (for now), this cruise immerses wannabe-spooked guests in a world of ghost hunting.

Pre-sailing events include staying in haunted hotels such as the permanently docked Queen Mary ship in California and participating in paranormal activity hunts in abandoned locations near the dock.

Once on,board, guests can enjoy ghostly themed seminars as well as all the other usual fanciful cruise facilities.

When in a new port, ghoul enthusiasts can embark on haunted tours of the local area which expert guides revealing a lingering history and tipping off guests on where to find thee spirits.

So, grab your thermometer and motion detector and spot those ghosts.